NAC N 272 changed?

I have owned a N 272 since 2017 and enjoyed streaming via Qobuz using BubbleUpnp. With the advent of HighRes reproduction was hampered by frequent stops for a second or so. Now, playing without interruptions suddenly works. What has happened? Does anybody know or has a similar experience ?

I stream (272) Qobuz regularly with Bubblesoft on my NAS and haven’t had buffering/interruptions since I first signed up. It does seem like I would get some interruptions during peak times but I assumed it was on the Qobuz side of the house. One of the many reasons I take advantage of the sublime sub and have accumulated a nice collection of hires albums in addition to my current collection. I like having a robust local library so I’m not at the mercy of the cloud platforms.

Maybe because your neighbours are on holidays, so the network is less congested.
Have you a strong network generally ?

Have you “accidentally” (sic) enabled the proxy setting in bubble? My 272 is wired (as opposed to wifi), but use the proxy setting in bubble. I haven’t had a drop in the 2 years I’ve streamed via Qobuz. If I turn the proxy off and listen to 24 bit 48K I sometimes get a drop, but listening to 24 bit 192 K I will always get a drop. Turn Proxy ON and all cured.

Thanks for the responses. I have a strong Internet connection. I don’t think it has to do with neighbors congesting the stream. I started using another renderer (Limetree) which does not have interruptions but does not sound as open as the Naim.
The change has to lie elsewhere. I was just curious. But as things have changed for the better, so be it.

If the issue comes back, locate the Proxy setting in bubble and turn it ON and everything will be good :slight_smile:

Thanks, will try.:grinning:

Are you using BubbleUPnP server or just the App?

This was new to me. I have a 272 myself and since it doesn’t have Qobuz as a choice, I use Tidal. Are you really getting the most out of Qobuz, i.e. Hi-Res with the solution you are using?:thinking:

Not exactly the OP’s situation but for reduced Tidal drop out vulnerability I’ve been using my 272 Ethernet hardwired for years. During a recent storm I disconnected the Ethernet cable but only discovered some weeks later that I had forgotten to reconnect it so I was running on WiFi. I’ve now left it that way which gives a neater installation for me. Something somewhere has improved.

Thanks for all your questions. I am using the N 272 wired for years and use Bubbleupnp via the app on my Android phone or tablet. Trying to install the server on my Windows computer never worked.

I suspected so, Bubble server is rock solid with better SQ.

I would say that he is, given that he is using Bubble UPnP. Having said that I haven’t tried the Bubble Android app, so I don’t know whether that provides the same sound quality uplift that Bubble UPnP Server gives you.

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Thanks for the reply. What I was wondering (and I don’t know anything about) is if the 272 can technically handle the high resolution files that Qobuz has, I didn’t think the old dac platform in the 272 could handle it?

Yes, it can. I have a 272.

The DAC can handle it. The limitation is only in the buffer that the 272, along with all Naim’s 1st gen streamers, which is too small to handle 24 bit streams from remote servers. Send the same stream from a local server on your home network and it’ll be fine.

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:+1: Do you have any suggestions for a suitable local server?

I suspect the answer lies with an update of the Bubbleup-App. 96 khz streams are apparently now “leveled” down to 88.6, which the 272 can handle. Yes, the problem lies in the 1. generations buffer.

If you have something like a Synology NAS on your home network, runnung BubbleUPnP Server on it is the tried and tested solution, and it’s free. You’ll need a 3rd party app such as Linn’s to control it.
There’s also Roon, but that needs both hardware and a subscription.
I haven’t tried Audirvana but that seems to work for some.

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Qobuz lossless sounds better on my system than Tidal lossless.