NAC N 272 Fault 35 and Fault 34

While in idle (sleep mode) my Naim NAC N 272 started sending a clicking signal to the amplifiers and fault 35 was displayed. I immediately rebooted system and let it sit overnight. Just rebooted this morning and fault 34 is now displayed. I can access Radio, Tidal and CORE; make a selection but no sound. It appears to be streaming but theri is no output to the amp. Yikes! Help!

Any suggestions or thoughts would be helpful. The fault 34 message is “DSP DAC not booting” and the fault 35 message was "DSP DAC Reg4 (W) fail. I have rebooted all devices connected to the system and on the network…Fault 34 message remains

I think this is most likely a hardware fault. You could ring Naim support and check with them, but likely it will need to go back to Salisbury for a service, which you have to arrange via your dealer.



@Stevesky might be able to say what Fault 35 is, and what needs to be done.

Thanks HH…I’ll see if the is a way to ping him

That’s what I’ve just done.

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