NAC-N 272 Firmware Update

My 272 is currently on Version 4.4 of Firmware. I decided it was time to update to the latest version, I’m 2 behind. However, things have moved on since my last upgrade…

My old MacBook Pro is dead, I have a shiny new one, it has USC-C ports and not RJ45. Starting to overcome the various issues versus the update notes:

  • I’ve bought a USB-C to Micro USB cable
  • What do I do about the lack of a wired connection?

I guess I am concerned that I am departing from the Naim procedure notes quite significantly and don’t want to mess things up! Anyone else updated firmware from a new MacBook? Or do I just leave as is, I’m not having any issues…


I have upgraded my (previous) NDX many times with the laptop on wireless with no issues. I do have a good wireless signal.

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USB to Ethernet adapter is an alternative. Worked great for me on Mac however USB-A.

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The socket on the 272 is a USB mini B. So long as the computer is physically connected to the laptop with an appropriate wire, it doesn’t matter if the laptop itself is connected to the network wirelessly. Just make sure it’s a good strong WiFi signal.

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Thanks everyone, will settle down to it tomorrow morning after my run, with a cup of tea and a biscuit when I’ve got tine, no distractions and a clear head

Tea is an essential part of the upgrade process.



Check what the newer firmware actually does.

If the updated firmware fixes problem you haven’t encountered or adds features you won’t use, no point in updating.

I’m using a QNap NAS that’s about 7 years old, running on the firmware it was shipped with. No problems.


It’s well worth being on the latest firmware. It works best with the app and if you have any problems with functionality it’s easier to diagnose. And in addition, the latest 272 firmware is the best sounding. We went to a lot of effort in Beta to get it right.

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History shows, some people find so called firmeware SQ improvements actually sound inferior, in their opinion, in their system.

Out of curiosity, when you took part in the beta testing, did you assess the sound quality with the PS555 powering the 272, or where you instructed to test bare 272 with no PSU.

We do it using whatever system we have. If people find the newer version sounds worse to them, there is always the possibility to roll back. So it’s worth trying.

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This topic triggered me on looking at my 272’s software version; it’s on 4.6 so I’m one update behind. But as Fatcat already described, I’m perfectly happy and do not face any issues … I don’t think I’d like to go through the hassle of upgrading …

I would update your NAS as updates to such a device are often security related. Impact will of course vart depenedant on setup

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I’m not that concerned about security, I only store music files on it, and I have a couple of back ups.

When I first purchased the NAS, I always updated the firmware when available.


A firmware upgrade, deteted the logistic media server I was using to stream to a SBT. Installed another media server (I can’t remember which), removed all the music files from the multimedia section of the NAS and placed them somewhere else or deleted them (I can’t remember which).

So, I did a clean install/format of the NAS, re-installed logistic media server, copied the music files from backup.

Haven’t insalled any firmware updates and not had a single problem.

4.7 was a relatively minor update, but fixed a couple of issues with Tidal tracks and iRadio stations that wouldn’t play. Probably not something that will affect most people, but for me it’s worth doing anyway just to be sure.

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I used to do updates with a a MacBook over WiFi, and it always worked fine, but there’s perhaps a higher risk of dropouts causing the update to fail. A USB to Ethernet adapter will give you a wired connection.

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Thanks Chris, for now I’ll leave it as it is.

If the device is connected to the network then it is an attack vector

For 10-15 minutes, really how paranoid are people?

In most cases wouldn’t a NAS be permanently connected to the network?

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Thanks everyone - hadn’t quite intended the lengthy chain on cyber security, but my successes this morning:

  • 5 mile run
  • N-272 on Firmware 4.7 via MacBook
  • A pot of Yorkshire tea on the coffee table enjoying Sunday morning listening to some tunes whilst finishing off the last piece of Christmas cake!

Thanks all