NAC N-272 Install

I’ve just purchased this beautiful piece of kit.
I have installed it all except Spotify connect.
I think i need a control app but can’t find one for the 272. I’m already a spot premium subscriber and i’m driving it with a firestick to tv then digital optical out onto the 272.
How do i install spotconnect on the 272.
I’m hard wired to the 274.
Internet radio is amazing by the way :sweat_smile:

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Control it with the Naim app. Check Spotify is enabled as a source option, enter your log in details and off you go.

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You don’t need to physically connect to the 272. If you select the Spotify input you then press the green cast symbol in the Spotify app on your phone. Spotify will then go direct from their server to the 272.

Bear in mind that Spotify is only MP3. It’s fine e for background listening on the 272 but for better quality it’s worth trying Tidal.

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Brilliant dude :+1:
This machine is very good
I’m hunting an XPS :crazy_face:

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