NAC-N 272 New model

Hi all, Following some useful advice on my last post I’ve decided to go with the NAC-N 272 + NAP 250 DR with the option of a power supply upgrade at a later date but my question is, will Naim be replacing the 272 soon as it’s now been around for a few years?



We have discussed this for the last 3 years or so on the forum. If you had waited from those early discussions, it would have been a long wait. In short nobody knows if or when as far as i know.

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Like most all Naim new model into’s we will know as & when or if Naim announce it.
I too am hanging on this, but I’m hoping for a higher end streamer/pre, something that gets close to ND555 performance/SQ & the Linn top end stream/pre(s)

I stopped waiting and went for the NDX2 and SN2 option, which is a better source solution.


I can wait a while longer, it’ll probably be wiser to wait for a house move anyway.
I intend to go with active speakers & include box count reduction so NDX2 + 252 will be the logical alternative to a 2(3)(5)72 ------ or give Linn a serious listen

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I’d suggest a dCS Bartok demo too if considering Naim alternatives

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There’s quite a few of us who are holding off in the hope of a 272 replacement, but as the months wear on patience wears thin. @Richard.Dane can you give us a sign? Something? Anything?

Good luck with that.

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What are the alternatives to a 272?
I’ve been waiting for some time as I like the Naim sound but my patience is wearing thin.

While you wait for the ?72 you can enjoy the 272.

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NDX2 + 555 + 252 + Supercap would fit on one rack.
That sounds like something to work towards.

Is there something wrong with the 272? Don’t you like it? Why can it not be a destination rather than merely a pause?

I bought mine over four years ago, with a 250DR, Powerlines and a Quadraspire rack, and some Naim SL2s, and it was wonderful. Over the four years I’ve added an XPSDR and then 555PSDR, swapped the 250 for a 300DR, swapped the Quadraspire for Fraim, bought AQ Vodka ethernet cables, Superlumina speaker cables and din to XLR cables, and recently got a MusicWorks Ultra G3 mains block. But the 272 remains, and of course sounds a heck of a lot better than it did when I used it just with the 250. The fact that it can be used by itself or with off board power supplies means it’s effectively three products.

If a new one appeared it would be interesting but is not a must-have. It’s bound to be a bit better, but as much better as adding a 555DR? Maybe, maybe not. Anyone wanting a significant leap in performance very likely needs to move quite a way up the scale and spend an awful lot more.

I’m so pleased the OP has bought a 272/250. It’s super, and if a new version appears next week it won’t be any less super. And if a new one never appears you know what; it will still sound great. It’s not essential to have the very latest thing.


Nice writing HH, I couldn’t have said it better myself …


This topic illustrates beautifully two separate breeds of Naim owner.
The first is the one with a constant itch, a seeker of the non-existent Holy Grail, the upgrader who will never be satisfied he/she has attained the Nirvana sought by many but achieved by none!

The second (of which I count myself a happy member) is the one who has been fortunate enough to have matched resources with aspiration and found a combination of equipment that brings a smile to his face and joy in the heart every time he uses it to listen to music, which is after all the only reason the kit was bought in the first place.

To see phrases like ‘my patience is wearing thin’ just makes me sad. To reiterate HH’s sentiments, the 272 is a very accomplished piece of kit which will, when paired with suitable amp and speakers, make great music.

‘Nuff said.




If 272 with 555 as a preamp will not be worse than 282 + Supercap, I would consider buing 272.

Everytime this topic comes up… Someone would ask what is wrong with the 272…

But, why almost noone is asking the same of 202/282/252/552?

272 is inherently not a stable combination…

Looking at Supernait to Supernait 2, Nait XS 3and Supernait 3.

I bet it is more likely to have a 272 2 without streamer/dac and adding in phone stage, rather than have the same 272 again…

Is that official? Naim is bringing back the chrome bumper look and the rumoured 272 replacement will comprise 5 individual boxes?


HH is spot on… and I haven’t applied any power supply upgrades yet never mind amplification, although switching to a FraimLite made a small improvement :wink: