NAC-N 272 with a Nait5i

I’m currently running a UnitiQute 2 with Ariva speakers. Since upgrading the software a while ago and discovering Tidal I’m using the system more than ever and feel like an upgrade!

I’m tempted by the current offers on the NAC-N 272. Would it be possible to connect this to a Nait5i as a temporary measure until I find a decent Nap 200? I used to run the Qute through the Nait5i until a house move 5 years ago at which point the Nait5i never got unpacked and has sat boxed up in a cupboard.


The 272/200 would be a great upgrade over the UQ2 and you could use a phono lead to take a line output from it into your Nait with no problem at all.

I don’t know what offers you’ve seen, maybe the £1,999, which is a great price for what you get. I sold my 272 recently for £1,350 so bear in mind what you can get secondhand. Remember that the 272 is legacy platform and that the new stuff can do a lot more and is being improved all the time. For example, high res radio is being rolled out and it’s very nice indeed, and you can get Qobuz of course. If I were you I’d also look at the ND5XS2. You could use this with your Nait and later look at a Nait XS2 or XS3 if you felt the need.


You should have talked to me. :yum::partying_face:

Hungry, thanks for taking the time to reply and for your advice. I hadn’t really appreciated the advantages of the current streamers. I guess it would make sense to future proof an upgrade as much as possible.
The more I think about this I wonder if a UnitiStar may be the answer to all my problems and Mrs Panda likes the idea of one box! I hope the reliability of the current Naim offerings is as good as it used to be, I’m surprised at the number of reconditioned Stars on a well known auction site.

I think HH has been spot on, I would be happy with the 272 if I say needed a pre- amp plus DAC and the adding other sources later, I would be less comfortable if I exclusively or extensively wanted the 272 as a digital streamer, in horse racing terms it started at the front but is now falling back.

You’re most welcome. It’s a lot of money and you’d do well to have a listen to options. I’m not so keen on the all in ones and would prefer a ND5XS2 and your Nait 5i to the Star, or indeed the Nova, with the option to move to a better amplifier later. Be aware that the Star includes a CD player and ripper that you don’t appear to need: the Nova is more expensive but a lot better. Another thing that may be relevant is that the latest Nait XS3 includes a very nice phono stage, if you think you might fancy adding a turntable at some point.


I’m hearing HH, and learning.
Is this your personal philosophy moved ( only) by the flexibility to future move’s on upgrading amp ( or even streamer)? Or more variables?

I don’t like the look of the Star and Nova and the Nova lacks Naiminess in its sound. But for buy and forget boxes they could be perfect - people just need to decide if they want to upgrade before plunging for them rather than a separate streamer and amp.


Interesting. So ( and I don’t know personally) the new Uniti’s are lacking? ( in your eyes).
Question: I love the sound of my UQ2 ( although recognize the limitations.
Do you think this (UQ2) are more equal to your association of Naim signature sound?
Compared with the new ones?
Aesthetically I , indeed, prefer the classic look of the black box with touch of green.

Not lacking at all. You’ll have to listen and decide.

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My view, the UQ2 has the Naim sound i’m used to, and like. The Atom, not heard the Nova, does not.

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Oh, that’s interesting. Please explain.


Exactly as i say it really. The Atom signature is a departure from previous range. Good at the hifi stuff, less good at the music.

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As soon as possible. :sweat_smile:
Essentially for clarification, because in the end I know that in short term I’ll have to decide where to go with my own room limitations
( I don’t know if you remember the thread about an eventual upgrade I post, in the beginning of the year, where you - and others- helped me with your perspective on the matter)

All Over this year I’ve preached ( to myself) “you will buy a Nova, because X or Y.”
Always thought that the signature sound remained from the previous SU that I heard. ( and UQ I bought)

If I confirm you’re and HH statement in situ,
I’ll make a U turn probably to a ndx2/sn3.


It seems to be well liked on here, and as ever let your ears decide.


Hi, I’d certainly say listen for yourself. My main system uses 52/SC/135 Olive amps fed by a ND555, so classic Naim amps with the current streamer. My second system is a Nova, and I think it’s fantastically musical, when using the upstairs lounge I’m dead happy listening to music on it for hours. I’m not sure I can define the “Naim sound”, but it has the elements of timing and musicality that a I want from a music playing system. If you can get an audition then don’t take any of our words as truth for you, they’re what we hear, you should base it in what you hear. And get a system that gives you as much musical pleasure as we all get from ours, that’s what they’re for.


Well, I have a Nova, that replaced a UnitiCute2, and it’s quite a lift in performance with plenty of nice Naimness (whatever that is). For a compact all-in-one it can’t really be beaten and can be all you need when matched with the right speakers.

Having said that, I did move to a SN2 / NDX2 setup for my main system and the Nova is in our media room where I still thoroughly enjoy dedicated listening sessions with it.

The SN2 / NDX2 is a step up again from the Nova, performance wise, and I’ve maxed it out with power supplies and cables etc.

They are really both very good options at their respective price points.


Decisions… decisions… :sweat_smile::fire:

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Thanks. The UQ2 gets a lot of love here and I did consider one when purchasing an office system. In the end, the Qobuz integration and pretty box as well as the difficulty of auditioning during Lockdown 1 led me to jump for the Atom. I have not been able to compare Atom and UQ, but I agree that it does have a rather different sound signature to classic Naim or even my recent 272/XPS/250 setup. However, I think I’m shallow enough to enjoy the “hifi” aspects particularly as a lot of my listening is acoustic (classical, jazz, small folk groups). It’s good that we all hear things differently and that Naim seems to be catering to a wide range of tastes.