NAC-N272 - An open apology to HH

I’m sure most people on here are aware, how Hungry Halibut has banged on about the NAC-N 272. I like many others doubted his strong endorsement of this product and even mocked his evangelical rantings about this. I finally succumbed to give the 272 ago. All I can say, is that he was absolutely correct in his assertions. I therefore formally apologise to HH for doubting him and consider myself not worthy .


NoNaim, I’ve made a small edit to your title, just to make it a bit clearer. Hope that’s Ok by you.

Glad the NAC-N272 has worked out well for you.

Thank you, Richard

You have a lovely music maker of a system there NoNaim. Enjoy!

I really like the 272/XPS-DR/250DR, Russell K RED 150 and Naim Superlumina system whenever I hear it. Hifi gets out of the way and lets music flow out instead.

Best regards, BF


Thank you for your kind comment.

HH has consistently been right on the 272. All I can add is wait till you plug it into a 555PS.

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I already have :blush:

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For me the 272/555DR is all that I need, does everything and sounds excellent.

would 272/555PS non DR be way better than 282/250 on DR ?

In my very recent experience, no.


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Hmm, I’m not sure my enthusiasm ever became ‘evangelical rantings’ but in hindsight I probably did go on about it a bit too much. I found the incessant promotion of the Hugo and the Melco similarly tedious so I quite understand where you are coming from. These days I keep my enthusiasm more under control. I think the fact that I’m still delighted with my 272 after over four years rather speaks for itself.

I’m glad you like it; with the 555DR and 300DR it makes a hell of a system without too much box and cable excess.


@hungryhalibut :grinning:. I think I’ll start a 282 love-in​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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My dealer said to me (seriously) there has been a bit of a rush on 282’s just recently.

282 fever.


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@GraemeH it’s all good!!



We need more enthusiasm and less political correctness.

Probably then,.you have been careful with your installation,.and gained synergy in the music-system versus the room.
Then your music-system has begun singing and creating musical experiences,.this is more important than having the most expensive products.

•Just fun to read about your enthusiasm.



Thank you. That’s a really kind and thoughtful comment.


HH enthusiasm for the 272/xpsdr/250dr was a salient factor in my upgrades from the superuniti. Stay tuned for the next one…


Actually I loved your enthusiasm. It is rare to find such optimism in this world.

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I too have the 272/250DR/XPSDR combination and and very pleased with it :slightly_smiling_face:

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But does it make The Smiths sound better ??