NAC-N272 and NAP 100 Y/N?


Thanks in advance for any help.
I currently have a UQ2 and NAP100, which I’m very pleased with.
But will be purchasing a new NAC-N272 quite soon.
I plan to upgrade the NAP100 to a 250 in April or May (when I’ve done scrimping and saving).

Will I still be able to use the 272 through the 100 in the interim? And would I require any new interconnects other than the DIN to RCA I use in the current set up?

Many Thanks,


Yes, you’ll be able to use the NAC-N272 and NAP100 together, as well as with your existing interconnect (RCA-DIN)

And it’s actually a very good pairing.


When I first purchased my 272 I used a NAP100 for several months, its a very good combo

The DIN to DIN interconnect that’s supplied with the NAP100 is all you need.



Good to know, thank you.

Perfect. Thank you.

Hi Richard,not sure what’s happened,but I’m getting notifications about this thread ,I haven’t posted on it and have no knowledge of the subject? A bit strange.

Strange, indeed. Did you accidentally bookmark a post?

Aargh possibly !

Thanks,think I’ve sorted it !

Hey guys, I too ran this config for several months while my NAP 300 was on order. Using the RCA connection. And was driving my Focal Sopra 2. It’s an amazing little amp.

That’s reassuring. Looking forward to moving from the 100 to the 250 though.
UQ and 100 will become the office system then.

I think @JonR of this parish runs or at least did run the 272/100 combo.

@LindsayM you are quite correct, and with excellent results too.

It’s not the current situation though…

Just a quick line to let responders know that the 272 arrived on Wednesday.
I love it. Whether Naim plan to throw it on the scrap heap or not; who knows. But it sounds amazing, and I look forward to enjoying it for years to come. 250DR down the line and then new speakers. Exciting times.
Thanks again for taking the time to respond.


Welcome to the 272 Owners’ Club. It’s a great box and does so much. I image it’s lovely with the 100.


Hi Richard_B, I am thinking of the same upgrade. What Are the Main differences between UQ2 and 272, what makes the 272 better? Thanx

I use my 272 with a 150x, and am a very happy listener.

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Hi, I’m only 4 days in, but out the box the difference was noticeable. More separation, clarity and overall presentation.
Even iRadio is better. We usually have FiP on all day, and the sound is wonderful.
The UQ2 is awesome, and I’ve lived with it for a few years and thought nothing could top this. My system is extremely modest compared to the systems on this site; but for me, I absolutely love it, it’s all about varying degrees of excellence.
No doubt the 272 was nearly half price because it is being phased out, but I see that as an opportunity, and in my limited experience, the streamer module and the analogue pre-amp section are wonderful.

If you can take the plunge, I wouldn’t discourage you.