NAC-N272 remote control handset

Hi. I am writing this from Seoul, South Korea.

Just two days ago, I changed my system from Uniti Nova to NAC-N272 and NAP 250DR. I was quite surprised when I heard the sound coming from the new system. Staging was larger. And it was so pleasing.

Due to my curiosity, I executed the factory reset just to refresh my N272. After the reset, however, the remote control handset does not fully work.

As of now, only three buttons(vol+, vol-, and mute) are working. But, all the other buttons are not.

For your information, my N272 shows the following status.

Coul anybody provide helpful information for this?

Thank you in advance.

Obvious question, really, but have you put fresh batteries in the RC?


If the 272 was previously paired to the handset with a non-standard code, then the factory reset means that the 272 has forgotten it, but the remote hasn’t.

It’s easy to re-pair.

Turn off the 272, then turn the power on again and when you see the Splash screen on startup, press and hold Aux 1, Info and DISP buttons on the remote for a few seconds. It’s worth identifying them before you start as you don’t get long to do it.

The remote should now work properly.


Dear David.
You must be a magician!
Now, the remote control fully works.

Thank you so much.


My pleasure entirely. Glad to help.

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