NAC-N272 upgrade by SuperCap DR

I’m not sure, can I upgrade NAC-N272 by SuperCap DR?
I know it’s strange, but later I want to buy NAC252. Therefore, I will need SuperCap anyway.
Does someone advise?

Nope. You add XPS(DR) or 555PS(DR) and it will become something totally different as in better.

No 272 can be upgraded using XPS or 555PS.

Supercap is for 282/252.

A Naim source worthy of a 252 deserves a separate power supply of its own, such as NDX2/XPSDR, so if you buy an XPS (or 555PS) now it might remain useful in your new system.

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I am really not sure that the answers given to the OP’s question are correct.


Not sure why anyone is arguing about this. The answer is just simply no.


As far as I know, the Supercap will power any Naim preamp, other than the NAC552 (and probably some of the much older units).

The XPS is used to power source units (such as CD players).

The 272 differs here in that it’s a streaming preamp (which has built in Network streaming and DAC functionality) rather than just a conventional analogue preamp and so has different power needs.

Hence, as others have said, it can’t use a Supercap and needs to use either an XPS or 555PS if you’re wanting to upgrade it. It does have its own internal power supply, so can be used standalone too.

@graham55 Please do explain why the answers are incorrect in your opinion.

References to naim technical documentation or connection guides explaining why they are wrong would be appreciated.

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