NAC/NAP rack arrangement with 4-pin DIN to XLR

Hi Everyone,

I’m hoping for some advice regarding rack layout for the NAC552PS to NAP500DR.

How does everyone arrange their separates? For example: PS in-line with separate? I’m really struggling with standard Naim cable lengths e.g. 4-pin DIN → XLR (mono pair) from the NAC552PS to the NAP500DR.

This is my current layout and while the cable is connected it’s too tight and was wondering what everyone else does. I was hoping to buy a Chord Music 1M to replace the existing Naim cable, but put off with the prospect of buying another metre.

Any advice welcome!

Can you swap them around so you have the NAC and NAP head units on the left rack and the power supplies on the right? This is how I do it in my own system and has the additional benefit of placing the toroidal transformers a bit further away from the head units with possible performance advantage.


Yes, it’s a good shout… I originally wanted the PS on the left because the sockets are on the left hand side of the wall and didn’t want the power cables behind the rack too much. Maybe I could swap them over and move the racks forward too so there is space for the power cable (supply).

How much space are you leaving between the racks then - 150mm?

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As Richard says, it will only work if the 500 head unit is on the left and the two power supplies are on the right. Put the two racks as close as you like. It looks much neater that way. With the two leads, the distance is limited in any event.

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I leave about 5-10mm gap between the racks.

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Thanks for the replies!

My current set up allows burndys to hang free and no cables touch floor except PLs and speaker cable
Left Right
552 555ps
Ndx2 500ps
500 552ps
Space. Space

Brains left and brawn right


This is a lovely place to be with the Naim rack. It’s the next upgrade after completing my Chord Music full loom.

I’m wondering If I should go Floor->Standard/Medium/Medium. Did you consider it? Maybe it would be a little too high.

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With my Fraim layout, 552ps in the middle and 500 head far right, the standard Din/XLr was too short. Fortunately my dealer had a little longer OEM cable (1,20m instead of 1) which is perfect for me.

What’s the approx distance between the NAC552PS->NAP500 edge to edge of the units?

I don’t remember at the moment, i’ ll let you know when i’m back at home.

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The distance between Nap 500 CH1 and 552 ps here is about 120cm

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Thanks for this. I will order a 1.2M version just to be safe!

I like this setup - the least compromising.

What’s your middle stack PS layout: Floor → NAP500PS → NAC552PS → CD555PS-A → CD555PS-D?

Hi Malla,
PS stack top to bottom is cd555 ps digital/cd 555 ps /552ps/500ps

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