NAC servicing? Is it worth it?

My NAC282 is a 2005 model, and although I have only owned it for the last 3 years, I am pretty certain that it will not have been looked at since it left the factory. The need to have the NAPs serviced is well known, but the topic of servicing the NACs seems to attract less attention. Given that my 282 still sounds excellent, with no specific issues, then what would a service add? My worry is that it will come back and sound almost identical but with a large invoice. My other thought is to trade it in for a newer 282. I know that some people will suggest an upgrade to a 252 etc, but I am happy with the 282/250 DR combination and it is probably a balanced position given the money that I have to throw at the system.
So, service or not?

Sorry, I cannot answer your question.

An email to the factory with the serial number will confirm whether or not the unit has ever been returned for a factory service.

If you’re lucky then your pre-amp will still sound really good and any tail off in performance will be relatively small. But by now all bets are off, so there’s a possibility that certain components will be beyond the age where their top performance can be assured. What’s the power supply, and how’s that doing?

That’s a HiCapDR from 2015, so it is still a few years away from needing attention.

I’d say yes, it is worth it.

I recently had my 252, Supercap and 555 serviced at Class A in Sheffield. Obviously I couldn’t tell what element of the improvement was down to the 252 but I’m happy it would be some of it. The Class A prices and service are excellent, and if other elements of your set-up are being done, then get the pre-amp done at the same time.

Based on my own experience of having Naim service a 52, an 82 and a 32.5, I would wholeheartedly recommend a service for a pre-amp after about 12 years or so.

Best regards, BF

In May last year I paid: £269 for the 252, £269 for the supercap and £449 for the 555ps. I delivered and collected myself on the to and from a visit to my folks in the North East.

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It came as something of a surprise to me that my 202 could be contributing to my sound woes or might require a recap. It’s a 2008 model I’ve owned from new. On advice from here and my dealer it went into Class A. Whilst my sound woes re: CD are not resolved the uplift on every front was astonishing and has only got better (on TV) since it’s return.

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I had my 1990 NAC52/Supercap serviced in September (plus a POTS8 upgrade).

I think it’s been getting better week by week since. It just sounds ‘fuller’ and things like hearing fingers slipping on frets are a lot more ‘real life’. Hard to put it into words but I’m enjoying listening to it more.

At first, when I got it back from service, I’m not sure I noticed a great difference- yes, it was much better than the NAC32 it replaced but I couldn’t say if it was better than it had been pre-service. I think what I’m saying awkwardly is that post service don’t necessarily expect a sudden improvement, things may need to settle down again.


I’m currently contemplating a service for a NAC 52. It’s a 2002 build so it’s already got the pots 8 but I was wondering if a service would perhaps make it sound a little more fuller.

I recently had the same issue with my previous nap 135s. Last March 2019 they suddenly sounded less dynamic. The bass in particular didn’t carry the same punch as I was used to hearing. A service restored the sound.

The rest of my Naim gear has all been serviced within the last 2 years. 135s and a 98 olive SUPERCAP. Only the NAC 52 remains untouched in what 18years now.

How much can a head unit service alone really change I wonder.

I had my 2004 252 serviced after about 15 years. I was pushed into it as I had a noisy pot which was replaced and included in the price of the service. I think it sounded better on its return, but it definitely eliminated any doubts that the sound was going off. Good value imo, especially as a serviced pre improves all your sources!

Well my 2006 built 282 is currently on it’s way to Class A for a freshen up. It really is not hugely expensive to get done in the grand scheme of things and at least I’ll know it will be in top condition for some time now.

More recently, I’ve felt the system lost its shine a little (albeit I have made some improvements to other areas during lockdown and it still actually sounds great). I figure that’s either down to the 282 or the 555ps (2008) needing a service. I know the 555 will cost around twice as much to service, and I can’t afford to do that at the moment, so I plumped for getting the 282 done first.

So it will probably be a couple of weeks before it is back and up and running again, but I’m hoping there will some improvement once it’s settled back in.

Can you please elaborate on the sound. In what way did it sound better? My current system isn’t sounding as full as I would like. I’m wondering if a service to an unserviced NAC52 would improve in this area.

The return of bass and mids; loss of sibillabce; layers if greater detail restored.

Things no-one would want. :slight_smile:

Hi mike, I‘ve just realised its you. I was reading your post regarding your sound woes. Didn’t get to finish it as I was watching my sisters kids and they were running wild. So I take it you’ve managed to remedy some of your sound problems. I’ll head back into the post to continue reading.

The sound on TV is now absolutely fine so essentially it’s the CDP.

I think mine was still sounding pretty good when it went in. Add a four week gap and I doubt I could add much detail. That is why I said I thought it was better. It certainly sounded good even from cold. I know, not very helpful…

Slightly off topic but does anybody have Audio Note DACs or pre/powers?

I have an Audio Note DAC 2 from 2010 and I was wondering if it would now be in need of a service.

It will coincide with the NAC52 service so I shouldn’t be without my hifi for too long.

Anybody have experience with Audio Note?

Hi khan,
As you are nearby (I think), I would definately do the service on the 52. mine is even older and had no recapping. But here in Germany it’s not easily done anymore.
I love to hear your impressions a/b after service.
Think it will be well spent money.
Overseas shipping is the risk I have to take… but think I will do so soon.

my 555ps (2006) is going back to naim for a service (without DR upgrade option).
Will be interesting if there’s an improvement, it sounds fantastic at the moment