NAC XS-172 and Tidal connect

I got an XS 172 streamer bought in 2015 and as i understand it do not support Tidal Connect. But what the enddate for using Tidal with that streamer?


No end date. You can stream Tidal for many years to come with your 172 . But no Tidal connect.

… and Tidal accept to keep the api open for many years?

It’s what I know actually. But maybe the Naim staff is a better choice than me to confirm.
@Naim.Marketing ? Please, thanks.

Hi @ErikA

The drive for TIDAL to push manufacturers onto TIDAL OAuth2 login was to ensure the API was left in a secure stable place. For now, we have no indicators from Tidal if/when they will discontinue it, but their efforts are very focused around the Tidal Connect model. At Naim we’ve done the big push to switch over all streaming products, past and present.

The main problem with these API’s is that it can be very hard to get manufacturers to update the firmware in products once they are a few years old, which in turn means the streaming providers can be limited on adding new features or improving old ones without breaking products.

Best wishes

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.

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Thanks, Steve.

@ErikA ensuring you have updated to Firmware 4.8 means you are ready for the new TIDAL login process Steve mentions.

Does it mean that there’s a possibility that Tidal may not work anymore, one day in the future, on the old streamers?

I have updated to 4.8 but this only meens that the api use https but still no tidal Connect, as I see?


You can’t have Tidal connect with the old streamers. Only normal Tidal.

Yes, TIDAL Connect has specific software demands the older streamers are incapable of meeting.

However, they still stream TIDAL via the Naim App, so no loss of functionality

Ok , thank you for quick response
God day


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