NAC102 for second system

After an upgrade i have ended up with a spare 102 plus napsc . One obvious choice would be to sell it for a song . Alternatively buy an old nap 180 and then looking for a streamer to run with the 102
Suggestions ?

Funnily enough I am in the same situation, (I got an 82).

I already have a number of RPi-based streamers, so I’ve been wondering about a 180 or maybe a 140; something that will make a pleasing sounds with our Kans.

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Rojo, I’ve made a small edit to the title of your thread to ensure it doesn’t breach forum rules.

I’m all for running a second system with spare kit. No need for a NAP180, a NAP110 or NAP140 may very well do.

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Sure thanks

I sold my 102 when I got an 82 but sometimes regret letting it go, so keep hold of it if you can.

180s don’t seem to come up very often, and when they do they are quite pricey so I would go for a shoebox NAP and add a HiCap to the 102.

Pi streamers are incredible value for money and good fun to set up and tweak.

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A 110 was the classic pair to a 42 with Kans and an LP12 front end. That was my first proper Naim system back in 1985. Still got all of it, still using the much upgraded Sondek.
So a 110 would be perfect!

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Interesting, What rpi option do you recommend for sq ? I have listened to a node2i before when I was looking for a tidal connect solution.

My first Naim amp was a new 102/140 back in c2001. It absolutely rocked with my Dynaudio Contour 1.3s…

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What would you use the streamer for? If you just want to stream from local storage and maybe iRadio or Tidal the NDX is a bargain these days. Just be sure to check the spec and service history before you part with your cash.

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Hi Chris the streamer is to be part of a second naim system after my last upgrade to ndx/282 hcdr/250 dr / xpsdr left me with an orphan 102

Most of my RPi streamers are digital output only (S/PDIF), and hence they will all sound the same, coz it’s all 1s & 0s, innit? :laughing:

True dat, have to check what would work with the 102

If you want to go down the RPi route (and sure, they are a bit of a faff to set up, but you could put together a simple streamer for around £100) then you have a choice of using a DAC HAT (Hardware Attached on Top), or an external DAC (for example, a Topping from Amazon). Either would give an acceptable sound, but may not scale the heights of your NDX.

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