NAC102 Power Problem

Hi, I have had some of my equipment for the best part of 20 years.
I do not leave it on and last night I powered it up for the first time in about a week to listen to some vinyl.
I have a NAC102 powered by a NAP180 and I have a Headline powered by an original Flatcap.
For the first time ever, the NAC102 did not power up. I checked the 4 pin din lead from the NAP180 and the solder joints are all fine. So I configured the power the way I used to have it before I purchased the Headline. I used a 5 pin din lead and connected the Flatcap to the NAC102. This time, the ‘Naim Audio’ sign on the NAC102 lit up, but the switching buttons did not light up and nor did they work, so I was unable to play anything.
In desperation (as I didn’t really know what to do) I plugged in the blanking pin that covers the NAPSC plug and the ‘Mute’ and ‘Mono’ buttons lit up, but they would not turn off, so I disconnected the blanking plug again.
So, I can only partially power up the NAC102 from the flatcap via the 5 pin din plug, but nothing works.
Perhaps there is a separate circuitry for the switches?
Can anybody help me? I would be very grateful.
Many thanks

If you are not using a napsc, the large blanking plug must be used. The switches are powered by the napsc if it is used. If not, the 180 (in your case) powers everything. Sorry this does not solve your problem though. Perhaps a call to your dealer is needed.

Graham, If you have both link plugs fitted (the round 5 pin one as well as the 4 pin paddle plug) and you have just the NAP180 connected up, is all working OK?


Many thanks Graeme! I did call the dealer last night. He did not know what the problem was, but would make enquiries and get back to me. So finger’s crossed.

Hi Richard,

No it does not work. No lights on at all (Naim Logo, not the switches for AUX, CD etc).

If I use the Flatcap via the 5 Pin Din lead to power it, the Naim Audio logo lights up, but the switches do not light up, or work.

If I then plug in the blanking cover for the NAPSC, the MONO and MUTE switches light up, but do not respond. The other switches still do not light up.

Any ideas?
Many thanks for your assistance Tichadd.

Sorry meant Richard!

So, just to re-cap, when both link plugs are fitted, you get nothing, no power at all to the NAC102.

Is it a proper SNAIC4 you’re using between the NAC102 and the NAP180?

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The naim audio logo (along with the audio circuits) is powered from the 24v supply in the 180 (or flatcap if using that instead). The led indicators on the selector buttons (plus relay switching and remote) are powered from the napsc. If the napsc is unplugged then the link paddle must be inserted - that simply extends the 24v feed to everything.

Non responsive buttons is more likely to be a control circuit failure of some kind. Especially if the led indicators are stuck on. You could try leaving it all powered down for a bit then try again with all connections back to how you had them before the problem arose.

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Thanks for explaining that.

With regard to the leads, I am using the ones supplied with the original equipment purchased either new or ex demo. They do not look exactly like the ones in the pictures as they are grey, but all my equipment was purchased over 20 years ago and has all worked without any problems at all. I have not unplugged anything for a few years, since I moved the equipment to another room.

So I am wondering whether an internal coil or fuse may have blown?

Have you considered getting the amps serviced ? There are some authorised service agents dotted around, but a return to HQ (via a Naim dealer) might be the best option if something has failed in the control section of the preamp. Not inexpensive to get done, but you’ll get them back properly sorted and sounding great.

Hi, Yes I have. I was going to take the Amp and Pre Amp into my dealer on Monday, for them to have a look. If they cannot fix it themselves, they usually send the faulty equipment back to Naim. In the past, Naim would repair the fault and then service the unit and make any upgrades.
Unfortunately, due to new Covid rules in the UK, effective from midnight tonight, my dealer will be closed for at least 14 days. Therefore, it does not look like I will be playing the system for a fairly long time.
Thanks for your suggestion.

If the NAC102 with both link plugs fitted does not power up at all when connected to the NAP180 via a SNAIC4 then either there’s an issue with the SNAIC or the pre-amp power supply in the NAP180. Probably best to let your dealer take a look see.

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Hi Richard,
I have ordered another Snaic just in case, as a final low cost check.

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OK, fingers crossed…

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