NAC102 upgrade

Good evening everyone. I had a good look for this but couldn’t see that it had been addressed before. However, I am very new here so if I’ve missed an obvious answer please point me towards it.
I own a fairly old NAC102 NAP180 system. I’m perfectly happy with it (other than when I drop the remote and buttons scatter everywhere!) but wondered if a better power supply for the preamp would be worthwhile?
I’d rather not spend huge sums changing everything if this would be better vfm.
Over to you.
Thank you.
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First you should get a Napsc, and then get a Hicap. That’s it really.

You need a napsc and a hicap.

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I would also consider a better preamp. An 82 would be nice, even just powered from the 180, then add a Hicap later if you want to take it further.


I’ve had my 102, NAPSC, HiCap and 180 since the 90s. I’ve heard some extremely expensive Naim systems, and I still have those boxes.

Yes, definitely treat the pre to a NAPSC and HiCap, and keep all serviced as recommended.

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Thank you for those suggestions. I’ll start looking!

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