NAC102 with Flatcap

I think I may have made a ghastly mistake. Advice please.

I have a NAC102 / NAP180 combination which I bought in 2003. I can’t tell you how pleased I have been with them.

They came with an ex-dem NAPSC. Perhaps I undervalued how good the NAPSC is, but for whatever reason I fancied a more obvious power supply. I found a Flatcap for a good price and so bought it (serial number 163XXX, so circa 2000). Only now have I actually checked the manual and found advice for HiCaps and Flatcap 2s but nothing about the original Flatcap.

Until it arrives (tomorrow) I can’t be sure whether it is a Flatcap 1 or 2, but judging by the photos it looks to be one of the last of the original Flatcaps.

Does this categorically mean that I won’t be able to use it with the 102?

It should work, but:

Though that’s in reference to an olive hicap. The 163xxx would be an early classic?

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A good, pre-loved Hicap would have made more sense… IMO… :thinking:

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Agreed, but I couldn’t really stretch to one of those.

It’ll be fine. You just won’t be able to power 2 devices if its the earlier flatcap. My understanding is you leave the NAPSC connected when you add the Flatcap.

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I used to run a NAC102 with a Flatcap. No problem at all.

I have also run it with a HiCap and a Supercap. No problems at all.

Leave the NAPSC connected , because it powers different parts of the circuitry.

You will need a SNAIC5 to connect the 102 to the FC. The signal feed to the 180 will be from the FC (SNAIC4, IIRC)


Thanks Suzy. Does it connect to the Din just about the NAPSC?

I dug out the plug from the box, so looks like I can pack it away again…!

Thanks also for this advice. I don’t have a Naim CD player so nothing else to plug it into (I have a Nait 3 and 5i with my other systems, so a big Naim fan)

Only about £400…?

Don’t forget servicing - on any of your Naim units where you don’t know their service status…

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The 103 is due a service so I was going to both at the same time.

With a NAPSC and an FC, all link plugs are removed.

The NAPSC connects to the screw-lock socket.
The DIN above the screw-lock socket is unconnected.
The SNAIC5 to the FC connects to the left-most of the line of DINs (as viewed from the rear).
The SNAIC4 from FC to 180 can connect to any of the DIN4 on the FC; however it is usually connected (indeed, recommended) to the DIN4 closest to the DIN5 of the SNAIC5.


This is really useful, thank you. I know it comes with a cable, so I just hope that it is a SNAIC5.

It should be :). Your existing 102 to 180 cable will be a SNAIC4, which you will use to connect the FC to the 180, once the FC is installed.

I have assumed that the FC is an “olive”, rather than than a “black” case. If it turns out to be a black, then post again and we’ll get you sorted.


It’s definitely the olive version…

Just like mine then!

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No, definitely olive. I am guessing the early Flatcap 2s were still olive since the black fascia arrived circa 2002/3 (from memory)

I thought all the FC2 were black…….but don’t quote me :laughing:

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Well, many thanks for your advice. I was aware from the circuit diagrams that the HiCap had a two way connection to the amp, and then fed the power amp, but I genuinely thought the Flatcap was a simple plug in replacement for the NAPSC.
As you state, all power supplies should have the SNAIC5 and so I should have both cables required to set this up some time tomorrow.
I flew into a panic because the handbook seemed to be ruling out anything other than HiCap and Flatcap 2.
It’s still a surprise that the NAPSC is still required. Electronics is not anything like my area of expertise!

True, but using the flatcap will free up the supply to the 180 to just power itself rather than itself and the pre. Theoretically, improving the sound.
(Does that sound right ? :smiley:).

But there are better ways…

The supply from the Flatcap is no better than that from your 180. It’s a waste of money. See if you can send it back. The Napsc is a really nice improvement on the 102 so do use it. Then you want a Hicap.

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