Hi guys

New on here I have picked up a nac112 and nap150 however outputs on the Pre work cd tape tuner but av aux1 and 2 I have no sound???
Any help would be much appreciated
Thanks Daniel
Not sure the post is the right place

I’d try resetting it to default settings, as various things can be changed on the 112. You’ll find details in the manual.

Hi thanks for the reply I’m looking on the back of my preamp I have the plug to use without a flatCap So ran direct off the 150 but it looks like there should be another blanking cap Or plug in The auxiliary 2 output do I need this to be plugged in or is it literally just a cap ??

That’s just a cap to cover the powered AUX2 socket, should you not be using it - it prevents you trying to plug in a standard interconnect (which won’t fit).

Thanks for the reply it’s on because I haven’t seen one so I wasn’t sure whether it was an actual a plug-in or just the cap So probably a faulty preamp then

Have you tried resetting to defaults?

The other thing to check is whether the variable levels on those inputs have been set to their lowest setting, thus perhaps making it seem as if there’s no sound.

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