NAC122xs User Manual

Quick request. Does anybody have a pdf or a link to a NAC122xs preamp user manual please. I can’t find one in Naim’s support pages and there’s nobody at Salisbury today. I can’t find one anywhere else either. I wan’t to do a comparison of this unit against a 202 sometime today looking at various power supply options. Thanks. Ian.

Just Google Naim manuals nac 122 and one will appear

I did that. I can’t find a specific manual for the 122xs. What’s the difference between the 122x and the 122xs? The one I can find on manuals.lib for the 122x is being blocked from download by my virus scanner because the link contains adware. Not sure why this manual isn’t on Naim’s site.

Naim only made the 122x the xs was the 152xs

Oooops. I’ve just dragged it out of the box and you are indeed correct. It’s a 122x. No wonder I couldn’t find a manual. I feel a bit daft now. :frowning:

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