NAC202 Upgrade

Hi, I currently have a NAC202 powered by a NAPSC and HICAP DR. I would like to upgrade my pre amp to a NAC 282.
I will be purchasing a pre used NAC282 however I have a question, the price varies significantly with age (obviously) however internally from a circuit/component perspective are they all the same inside regardless of age?
The answer will determine whether I buy an older one and fund another HICAP or buy a nearly new unit and live with my existing power supplies for a while. Thanks Mark.

Bear in mind that a service will be advisable after around 10-12 years.

Changes inside will have been minimal, no design changes but some components might have been updated. The sound will be largely the same, an older model will be closer to service. That said mine is 12 years old, not yet serviced and is fine.



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