NAC22 to modern digital sources

Hi, I recently had my venerable NAC22/NAP120 combo refurbished and wanted to ask advice on connecting a modern digital source. I have purchased Din to Phono cables from Chord so can I safely connect say an external DAC to the Tuner or Tape input. Both are rated at 75mv so would some attenuation be advisable?


You can try this. Looks interesting
mcintoshlabs MB20

There may be enough “overload” margin.
@Richard.Dane will, I’m sure, be able to advise.

IIRC the old pre-amps can take 7V before overload. Most outputs on digital kit are around the Redbook standard of 2V.

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A lovely combination. I suspect whilst overload won’t be an issue, range on the volume control will be limited. If this bothers you then attenuated interconnects from source to the 22 may be the way forward.

I had that combo—fantastic stuff. As said above, you’ll have limited volume range—I’m currently using a Nait1 with an NDX 2 and to keep the volume control on the Nait at more than just barely on, I’m using the NDX 2’s volume to allow some range. Sounds great. Some kind of attenuation will help.

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