Nac252, am I reading this right?

Nac252 approx 7K
plus Supercap approx 4900

Total 11900.

Nac552 complete aprox 22K

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Not sure what your point is ?

No point. Just checking new costs as I am about to move on some preloved kit to upgrade to the 500 series.

Prices new about as you say in the last published price list (Feb 2020) but 552 is shown as £20,099. Not sure if there has been any price increases since.


New 552 is 21099 according to TomTom. They do crop up occasionally 2nd hand though!

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I have the 552 on order. I am trying to work out the possible return I can get on my various pre loved items to go for a 500 rather sooner then originally intended. :grinning:

I really think you are living the dream @bruss.

Wish I had a 552 DR and 500DR on it’s way!

Probably get 8k back from 252DR and Supercap DR selling on usual sites. Or is your dealer prepared to part exchange?

Nice! Something to look forward to. I’m waiting on a 300DR which is currently being serviced. The 300 is probably my end game amp, but would seriously consider going for a 552 rather than 252/supercap in the future - after a serious demo session of course!!

Sorry, my bad, the 552 new is indeed £21.099.

Which is still way beyond my reach atm!

I got my 552 pre loved from Tom Tom and traded in my 252/SuperCapDR. This made it doable for me.

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That’s where I got my 300DR from. A 2003 Dr’d in 2018. Managed to get them to drop a few hundred a well as a good p/x on my 200DR. Good and knowledgable guys to deal with.

Just as a matter of interest, how old was your 552, had it been serviced?

It is a 2008 unserviced model but it was from their very trusted customer Tom Tom sold it to new, so I knew the history.

That gives a measure of comfort

I would rather pay a little more and deal with a trusted dealer for pre loved Naim gear than take a risk on the bay.


I could consider a pre loved 500 if the right one came along, but as this is my end game I’d prefer new if I can run to it. The intention was to wait until after our next previously planned house move, but Covid stuff has altered the timelines so I may be able to scrape the necessary together if I stop hoarding hifi kit that I really don’t need any longer.

Very wise. I have only once bought privately. Most of my system has been bought ex demo/pre loved from naim dealers.


Yes, it is a privileged position to be in but as we get older the rainy day money becomes more available. I have never intended to pass on a large inheritance( or even a modest one) as my children all have earning potential of their own fortunately. They can have anything left but we intend to enjoy what we can as we get older. I’m not entirely sure this is Mrs Bruss’ dream purchase :slight_smile: but there is no great objection.