NAC252 and Headline - better than Headline/202?

Hi, I have a question about the Headline amp with a NAC252.

I have just lucked into a well-loved NAC252/SCDR from a fellow naimite in Oz at what I think is a great price. Thanks again @Thescotsman.

Am having a great time rediscovering a lot of older music that now sounds completely different - particularly stuff from my formative years (new order, prefab sprout, blue nile) and now sounds as exciting as it did back in the day. First time I can say I am hearing every one of Hooky’s bass notes. So many bass notes. I was surprised by the increase in the bass response of my system without a change of power amp or speakers.

I have seen many on this forum criticise the 252 as a laid back, sometimes unexciting amplifier but for me it has taken off all of the edginess of the 202 in my room and just left the extra detail and “flow” for want of a better word. Relaxed, yes, but in a good way. The 252 affords me the ability to up the volume without the room getting out of control.

My question is: Should I expect the output quality to my Headline amp to be improved over when I connected to the 202? Because it does to my ears and I just wonder if that is my imagination (psychoacoustics) or is there a physical reason for my subjective opinion?


The relays in the signal path and care to isolate the signal while in the 252 will be better.

But a direct connect from source to HL would be better than both 202 and 252.

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thanks. good to know I am not (too) gullible!
I should try my NDX2 out to the headline.
I often use the headphones for my vinyl source so I don’t; think I could live with that setup long term.

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You’d need to sent it back to Naim for a different captive lead. The one supplied is for tape out, not line out. Though resoldering to the line out pins isn’t too hard.

My ignorance is showing I’m afraid. What is the difference in the cabling? Do bad things happen if I try it or does it just not work?

Just spotted this thread: in which a certain @Richard.Dane talks of a din adapter that reverses the pins.

I contacted them a couple years back and the DIN adapter was already something Naim stopped doing by then. Though Chord Co. can make one if asked.

FWIW, there is no risk. You just won’t get any sound.

I can’t help u with that… :grin: I let my neighbours hear my music :notes: :grin:

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