NAC252 Balance Problem

Following on from a similar thread a few months ago, my new NAC252 (arrived yesterday) also has a balance problem. Regardless of volume, the balance needs to be set way to the right. Having moved the control all the way to the right and all the way to the left, it partly appears to be a mounting issue as it can turn a little more to the right than the left. Would not account for this level of movement though. Quite disappointing in a product costing nearly £7,000. Come on Naim, you need to do better. Dealer coming round over the weekend to take a look.

Just get onto your dealer to sort it out, the forum cannot get you a replacement.

Go easy on him he has just spanked out £7k


Sorry missed the last part…dealer should hopefully sort it. My 252 is on 12, o clock…
Thats just not good, dealer will sort it with Naim.

Hi Crispy,

The balance knob having a slight offset with regard to equidistant travel from 12 o’clock is normal, this is down to the fixed position of the pot & the shaft/knob being splined.
The automated test sequence used at Naim requires the operator to accurately set the balance near the beginning of the test to ensure the full sequence is carried out correctly - a slight shift to left or right is usually required but your picture looks way too much.
Which component did the 252 replace? Presumably you didn’t have the issue before & have made no major changes to speaker positions etc?


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Have the same issue but mine needs to be to the left
Just eased the nob off the shaft and put it straight… problem sorted.

Was using a SN1 before as a preamp and that had a slight preference to go right, but think that is just the room. The 252 is way beyond that. Interesting it seems to have improved a little this morning.

This things can happen in shipping and packing, that is one reason why your dealer checks (normally) before you pick up or deliver so any adjustments can be undertaken…
These devices are painstakingly hand made and hand tested, it’s not a case of a robotic production line churning them out…

A 252 being hand made

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As S-in-S says, while rare, the knobs have been known to move on the spline in shipping - probably due to being pressed against the foam inserts and then subjected to certain vibrations during transit which loosens the retaining nut on the knob. It’s an easy fix for your dealer to make and if I were a dealer would probably be part of my pre-delivery or delivery and installation check and inspection regime.

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Not sure if that is the case this time as on full right the volume is a little lower than full left.

Get it checked out by your dealer.

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On the case, he is due here any minute. Thanks everyone for your input.

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