NAC252 Isolation feet

Due to lifestyle limitations my NAC252 shares a glass shelf with my NDX2, with around 4cm space between them.

I think it sounds “glassy”…

I don’t have an option to replace the rack, etc. at present, I either need to stack two devices, or place two side by side. I could move things around so the SC shares a shelf with NDX2 if that would be better. Or perhaps try some isolation feet.

Any advice? Thanks

Can only do what you can. Accommodating is something that plagues is all. Haven’t tried personally but people speak highly of the Quadraspire feet where racking and separation is an issue.

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Both the NAC and the ND are sensitive to positioning. If you can, put them next to each other rather than stacked on top of each other, the power supply in the NDX (assuming it’s not being powered by an external PSU) is most likely interacting with the analogue output stage on the NAC and giving the undesired colouration you describe. Ultimately this level of equipment is designed to work optimally when placed on a dedicated shelf and as far from the power supply driving it (and that of other equipment) as cabling lengths allow, splitting the electronics from their power supplies across two racks isn’t uncommon at this level within the Classic series.
I’ve not tried their equipment feet but do use IsoAcoustics feet on my speakers with positive results.

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I use Stillpoint Ultra Mini under most of my gear, including my 252. I’ve found they bring a nice uplift in clarity without harming the sound in any way. Fraim wasn’t acceptable on domestic harmony grounds so I compromised on Blok racks which have glass shelves and although well made have nothing in the way of Isolation. I feel with the Stillpoints as isolation I’m not giving much, if anything, away to Fraim.

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personally both are sensentive so best they are together, I would suggest the SC is a far away as possible from 252 first and NDX2

cabelling from 252 to SC is also important

yes for feet to support the glass shelf IMO would help with ISO

hope this helps

I used to position a Nova on a glass shelf and tried the Quadraspire reference feet. Made a big difference to sound quality although they were expensive.
Quadraspire do a demonstration case containing all three isolation variants.
I found all three made a difference.
If you do go ahead and try them don’t put them under your equipment feet but put them directly under the casing of your equipment.

I am using ISOAcoustics Orea feet. Great isolation and material uplift in sound quality. Your dealer may well be able to lend you some to try.


Great advice, thanks all. These isolating feet are so expensive, especially as I’m likely to need 8 (252 and NDX2), I like the idea of seeing if I can try some from my dealer first - thanks again!

I use three under my 252/250/Supercaps. Four was marginally better but only just.

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Check the weight tolerance with manufacturer as I use 3 Orea on 252.

I see that 3 feet is quite common, and many are sold in packs of three, are there not stability issues?

I’m assuming one on each front corner, and one in the centre at the back? Does it not rock when being cleaned, etc…

You have to be a little careful with weight distribution, particularly if there is a heavy transformer, but think about a tripod which is rock solid.

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It’s far easier to level three points than four. My Xerxes has three suspension points by design. I’d be more concerned though that Naim designed the unit with four feet and the possibility that altering that may induce stresses on the chassis and components.

You could find it will be better as the Naim feet are in the same place on each black box regardless of the weight distribution.

hi how did you set them up (as mentioned 2 front and 1 at back??) home demo-ing them now not been bothered so far when putting them under the naim box feet on my SVT bamboo rack


Hi Carlstone.

Any chance of some pictures?

Two at the front and one at the back. And the case sits directly on them, not the feet. Under the Supercaps and 250s I have two under the transformer side and one under the middle of the opposite side.

For me with 252 I have two Orea bronze at front and one in middle at back. For the NDX2 and SuperCap I use Four bronze, one in each corner. Looking at the ISOAcoustics graphs this looks about optimum. For 250 I have two indigo ones the right side by the transformer and one in the middle. With my Oppo 203 I have three graphite as per 252. All directly touching case as more effective and better looking than under feet. Will try and sort a picture. Initially had four indigo under 250 but sound had more punch with three.

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Does this improve SQ on every box?

Where did you get most benefit?

Interesting set up that anyone could use so results would be interesting.