Nac252 + Nap 300

No cigar for you then :sunglasses:

Fair enough, I misunderstood your actions.

Good luck.

Hi, I saw that you are Italian too. if @Richard.Dane puts us in touch in some way I can give you all the info you want. we have a small group of naim lovers in Italy. I’m sure it might be useful to you :slight_smile: .




As Suedkiz suggests, your sources are all falling behind the rest of your system.

You mention that the problem with the curent system is its not β€œclear” so you might just need a better source.

Next time you are able to visit the Naim dealer ask to hear an NDX2/555PS or, if its in budget, a ND555/555PS. Of course, these will work very well with a Naim 252/300 set up.

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