Nac252 Service

Just sent a 2007 Nac 252 and 2008 SuperCap away for a 252 service and a SuperCap service and DR
upgrade as well as a DR upgrade to a 2006 555PS that was running the NDX2.
I recently purchased the 252 and SuperCap from a well known auction site and just felt they needed a bit of TLC because of their age. My question is has any body here had any experience of doing anything similar and what am i to expect from these upgrades.
Thanks in advance for any replies.

morning my 300 went back to the mothership in March of 2018 for DR, it was a great amp before it went
took about 3 weeks from the start, the DR certainly in my experience gives a great more focus and detail to the 300, still have the work sheets on file
the only change was the boxes, NAIM changed the outter boxes - but I was not worried about this, just so you know this happens

The DR does not kick in straight away, the AMP took about 1 week to bed in and month or so before you could really get the WOW!

Thanks for the reply Antz, i am hoping to move up to the 300DR at some point from the 250DR.
It sounds like i can expect quite a difference with the DR upgrades, can’t wait to get them all back.

I did that last year with my set serviced. I think it’s money well spent. It’s not a dramatic improvement like night and day but it’s more like 10%-ish better in different areas. Subtle but noticeable. Money well spent especially if keeping the units for longer

Thanks gordlau and yes expecting to get a good 10 plus years out of them now.

What do you mean by Naim changed the outer boxes?
Do you mean the packaging boxes?

sorry the outter cardboard boxes, not the nice black ones

Cheers mate that is what i thought.

I also bought my 282/HiCap/250-2 secondhand some years ago. The 282 (ca. 2008) and HiCap (ca. 2010) and the 250 (ca. 2005) were all sent to Naim last year for recap service and DR upgrades. After they came back and I had a month or two to run in for a bit they sounded much better in every way, but especially with the bass focus and the midrange. Before the DR upgrade I thought the midrange sounded a little anemic at times. After the upgrade, not at all. Now it sounds more filled in and richly textured, but with a more more open and detailed presentation.

Thanks for taking the time to reply JosquinDesPrez, I am really looking forward to getting them back but that burn in period takes you through a lot of ups and downs.

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