NAC252 to Active speakers

have had my 252 driving my atcs for some years, and the connection is back at the supercap.

i have socket 1 doing the right channel and socket 2 doing the left channel.

i know that the left and right are dictated by what pins are wired up, but my question is should i have both cables to one socket or does it not make a difference?

a system shake up is due, along with a room move about (hence looking at new cables)

You should be on sockets 4 and 5 on the Supercap (Closest to the Burndy socket for the 252). You’re fine with this setup.

Wiring both cables into a single DIN4 and using socket 5 would lose a couple of connections so may be beneficial.

Do not think Naim would recommend that… :thinking:

Why ? You’re just using the L&R pins on one socket, rather than a single channel from each socket.

I had a NAC282/ HiCap wired to some active ATC’s with two cables wired into one, it was fine. When I upgraded to 552 I used two separately wired cables from the 552PS, it’s much finer, but that’s possibly not just because of the cable terminations! My dealer suggested two would be better, if that helps?

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