Nac272 and Qobuz

Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere but is there a way to use Qobuz with the NAC 272 via the Naim app like Tidal?

Not sure about 272, but I used the mconnect app to get qobuz to work on an NDX. I expect it should also work on 272, but haven’t done it myself

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You cannot get Qobuz through the app in the same way as you can with Tidal. One option is to load Bubble upnp on your nas - assuming you have one - and control it using Linn Kazoo.

Or add a simple raspberry pi bridge unit like Hifiberry and use Roon, Qobuz etc. Very simple to build (approx 20mins) and adds new life to the previous streaming platform

Thanks for the info guys. I should probably have included a bit more detail. I was hoping it would be a simple app to control the music and volume without switching between Naim for volume and Roon for music.
I understand also that that workflow only delivers CD quality as it’s through airplay.
I also only listen to streaming now so I don’t have a music server, although I do have a synology nas as a file server but don’t stream music from it.
Would anyone know if any of the solutions suggested provide the holy trinity of streaming music in HiFi quality and control the volume of the Nac.
Thanks again, I much appreciate you taking the time to help.

Hello, search bubble server or Bubbleupnp and you’ll find lots of good advice. Using that advice I can now stream Neil Young “After the Goldrush” 192khz from Qobuz to my 272. The NAS hosts the bubbleupnp server with 272/NAS wired connections to the router or switch. Controlled using Lumin or Kazoo app.

Quick update on this. After a day or so on YouTube investigating various options I’ve decided to try Audirvana. It allows me to connect directly to the Nac 272 using UPNP without needing a connection point. So, in theory, the Nac gets the unadulterated stream with minimal friction points between.
That, plus Qobuz, seems a pretty good replacement for Tidal on the Naim app.
Just waiting for the gotcha!

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