NAC272+NAP250DR vs. NAC272+NAP300

Hi again, first of all I would like to say: “thank You” for all comments with additional explanation regarding last topic: NAC-N-272/NAP 250DR vs. NDX2/SN3.

But during my last few tests using my Harbeth SHL5+ of course, the big different I have heard when I connected NAP 300DR/NAP 300PS vs. NAP 250DR and SN3 with my speakers (very little different between NAP 250DR vs. SN3) - this is my opinion of course.

That’s why I would like to ask You Gentlemen how is Your experience with Harbeth SHL5+ connected with two different set ups:

  1. NAC N-272+XPSDR / NAP 250DR (3 boxes);
  2. NAC -N-272+XPSDR / NAP 300DR+NAP 300PS (4 boxes);
  3. Which speaker cables to use?

My main source of music will be coming from UnitiCore (CDs) and from Turntable (Vinyls) than streaming / radio from NAC-272. Room is almost 25 square meters (4.5 x 5.5).

Thank You in advance for Your information.

With best regards, Jeremi

Jeremi hi,

No knowledge of Harbeth but a few years back I attended a demo day (all into Sopra 2) when we went from NDX/XPS/SN vs 272/XPS/250dr and the general view was that the NDX/SN was the preferred choice, but next the 250dr was replaced with a 300dr and the consensus on that was that the 300 gave a better presentation overall.

Cable will depend on what the Harbeths like. Naca 5 and Chord Odyssey are the obvious starting points.



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Hi Lindsay, I felt the same, that “overall” NAP 300DR+300PS will be a better option for most speakers including Harbeth shl5 plus. I noticed also that NAC-N272 needs XPSDR power supply. Thank You for Your comments, Jeremi

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