Nac272 with XPS DR or XPS555

What is best ? with my nac272/ Nap250 DR

The price difference between the two Psu’s
is that the worth of money

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I have a 272 with XPS DR and 250DR. It sounds bloody wonderful. But a 555PS will be even better. You pays your money and take your choice.

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What did You experienced with the xps compared to nac272 stand alone ?

I too have a 272, 250DR and then added XPS DR. It was a huge jump from the stand alone 272. I’ve heard that the 555PS does the same when replacing the XPS. The 555PS is almost twice the price here.

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Basically it improved both the streaming side and the analogue of the pre-amp. It became even more involving. Music pure and simple.

Just a bit and then some :slightly_smiling_face:

I loved the 272 when I first got it.
Big upgrade for me.
Then I finally jumped right in and got a 555dr.
Wow :open_mouth:
Never had a Naim psu before so I don’t have anything to compare it to.
But I like to leapfrog the intermediate steps if poss.
It’s a keeper forever.



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The 555PSDR is significantly better than the XPSDR on the 272. I’ve had both. The 555 makes everything much more natural, real and engaging. Make sure you have a good stand and that you can ensure the Burndy cable can be kept clear of the wall, floor and stand.

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I agree with the comments above the 555DR is a very big step up over the XPSdr, once tried the XPSdr against my then 272/XP5XS and to me not much difference between the two now own 272/555DR.

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I think I will go for the 555 in the future. It sounds to that is a better investment than the xps dr.

What is the price for a used 555 ?? normally

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If you are lucky around 4K but you will need to factor in the burndy, XPSDR comes with the burndy.

Sure does :+1:

Nice one :sunglasses:

Just found this picture before I slotted the 555DR into the rack with the XP5XS taking the weight of the mighty 555 :grinning:

The 555DR power supply on the 272 transforms the relatively humble 272 into an “end game” system. Things can of course, always be better as you go up the naim ladder, but in terms of musical involvement, finesse, timing etc it is hard to beat. So go for it!


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