Hay guys, need your guidance !

Using NAC272/NAP200DR paired with ProAc D20R. I would like to upgrade my PreAmp with a 2nd hand XPS 456xxx offered by Central Audio, U.K. at around £1500 or, I should save the penny for a latter prospect trade-in a NAC282 instead ?

Pleased to hear.

What would your source be with the 282?

Yes, I have a non-Naim PSU here with napse for my Nait XS2 paired with ProAc 10s. In general, offer of 282/napse in a bundle as well !

My system : CDX2 / 272/200dr (standard Naim accessories)
Speaker cable/ Jumper : Tellurium Q ultra Back II
ProAc 20R ( Gaia III Isoluation)

The NAC282 comes with an NAPSC as standard. It won’t work otherwise.

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The 282 is probably the last preamp you will need, its excellent.
Using the 282 you can then swap/change streaming source/dac as the tech changes.

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I should be asleep at 3am. Was thinking 202.

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I think you really need to think through your longer term aim. The XPS is a good acquisition if you intend to stay with a Naim source i.e a NDX or retain your 272 for any length of time. If on the other hand you think you might shift to another brand for your source then I’d be inclined towards the 282 which will work brilliantly when powered by the DR end of the NAP 200.

Good luck.


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Heading that direction mate.
Thanks for the adv

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