NAC282 AV bypass help

Hello chaps

Long time Naim user here, but I’ve but been away from the scene for a long time.

Just about to set up my new hybrid AV/hifi system but I can’t get my head around how the AV bypass thingy on the 282 works and need some help from you knowledgeable chaps working out the necessary cabling.

Relevant kit:

Marantz AV8805 av pre amp

NAC282, NDX2, NAP250DR

Basically, I want to use the Marantz for multi channel movies and the 282 for 2 channel music.

I can’t get my head around how the AV bypass thingy on the 282 works. I can see that I need to connect the Marantz to the 282 av input (5pin din to rca) and that I then need to go to program mode to get to unity gain. Do I then connect the NDX and 250 to the 282 or to the Marantz?

Once connected, do I use the Marantz volume control for av and the 282 volume control for music?

Yours confusedly

The unity gain feature allows you to integrate your AV system with your Naim system. The NDX,282 and 250 connect together as usual and you play music through the two main speakers connected to your 250. Volume for music is set by the 282.

For AV duties, the Marantz handles the centre and rear channels. The front channel signals go to the 282 via the AV input. When you select AV input and unity gain, you bypass the volume control in the 282 and AV system volume is controlled by the Marantz.

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The Av input on the NAC282 allows you set it for Unity Gain - i.e. when that input is selected, it will bypass the volume control in the NAC282, volume then being dictated by the connected AV processor. You would take the main L+R pre output from your Marantz AV amp and connect into the NAC282s AV input.

Your 2 channel kit remains exactly as is and you would use the Naim kit as per normal. However, when you select AV input on the 282, it then becomes part of the Marantz multi-channel system, but you take advantage of using the Naim system for the main front L+R speakers.

Only possible issue you may come up against is an earth loop hum when you connect the Marantz. I don’t know how the Maranatz is earthed or whether it floats the earth, but there are a number of ways of curing this if it’s an issue.


Thanks chaps

So, if I am understanding correctly:

Music – use 282 volume control. Marantz can be off.
AV – select av on 282 and use Marantz volume. Both Marantz and 282 need to be on as 250 is connected to the 282.


NDX to 282 using supplied naim cable
282 to 250 using the supplied naim cable
282 to Marantz to using a 5 pin din to rca (which I’ll have to source) or is it rca to 5 pin din?


Re potential earth hum, what can I do to avoid this? I don’t want to have to go through the pain of setting up my fraims and then having to start again if I have a hum problem. Not sure if it helps but I have an Isotek Sub Station for power conditioning.

Yes. You’ll need an RCA to DIN5 interconnect for connecting the Marantz to the NAC282.

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You may have no issues, in which case, great. However, if you do get a hum, then you could try an isolating transformer between Marantz and NAC. Otherwise try earthing the chassis, or there are other solutions you can find if you do a search…

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Richard not sure what a lot of people would do if they didn’t have your vast knowledge to assist. Hope you’re well compensated, you’re definitely appreciated.


That’s very kind of you to say so Pete. Thank you.


Yes, thank you for your halp Richard and James.

I’ll do some research on here on the potential hum issue

Hi. I use a Yamaha av with my naim system; on the rear of the AV amp you’ll find ‘pre out’ - use the ‘front speakers’ out, with the appropriate cable to your AV in on your naim pre, & set it for unity gain - I had no ‘hum’ problems & the AV (& separately the Naim) sound wonderful, with no ‘extra’ speakers for the front 2 of the AV system. Hope it all goes well for you & you get the same pleasure I have had for many years :slight_smile:

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Thanks to all. It all looked so complicated, but you’ve all simplified it for me. I’ll start working on it all this w/e.

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Try it first and investigate the hum if it’s there. I use a Denon AV amp who are part of the Marantz family and I’ve had no such issues or with my Rotel AV amp before it.

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Setups vary and hum may not be an issue. As you have an NDX, the ground switch can be set to floating If you add another source to the system which introduces an additional ground path.

One more thing, make sure you have the correct RCA to DIN5 cable between the AV processor and 282. It needs to be configured as an input cable to make sure the pins are wired correctly at the DIN end.

Good luck for the weekend setup and you’ll find plenty of help here if you run into problems.


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