NAC282 inputs from DAC - RCA or Din?

I use a MYTEK Manhattan DAC which I love, and it has balanced XLR or RCA outputs. My understanding is that balanced is not preferred for the 282 but what I am not clear of is whether to use standard RCA plugs or a Naim cable with 2 x RCA Phono to DIN5 (180). Which would sound better or are there other suggestions. Thanks

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Some on here prefer standard RCAs, others DIN. If the DAC had a DIN output I’d go with DIN but I’m not sure the benefits of DIN are realised when there is RCA at one end.

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There are still some benefits to using even just the one DIN, so all else being equal, I would go with 2 xRCA Phono-DIN.


So I tried both RCA and 2xRCA to DIN, but can’t say I hear any difference. I left the latter in place so that’s the final outcome.

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