Nac282 power supply options

Really enjoying my recently acquired NAC282!!! Need some advice/opinion on power supplies please
It’s currently supplied by a Flatcap XS into upgrade 1 socket - I have a pre loved Hicap (non DR) arriving at the weekend. Obviously I will use the Hicap into upgrade 1, question is would I notice any gain using the flatcap into upgrade 2 socket?? And then a little further down the line I have the following options -

  1. Sell the flatcap and have the Hicap DR’d thus using 1 power input
  2. Sell the flatcap and source a second non DR Hicap thus using both power inputs

Thoughts much appreciated!!!

Both PSUs need to be matched for optimum performance.

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Definitely move on the Flatcap. Enjoy the Hicap. Then after a while, consider trading for a Supercap.


So if I move the flatcap on, 2 x non DR Hicaps or 1 x Hicap DR…??

Whatever you prefer. :blush:

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Thanks so far guys!!! Makes sense having both power supplies matched. The upgrade path truly knows no end… Unless you have a Statement I suppose…:joy::joy:

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I have 2 DR hicaps on my 282. Having tried a SC DR at home it didn’t offer much over the 2 Hicaps for me.

Very interesting Svetty, just goes to show one’s room and ears are the ultimate judge of what is and isn’t an upgrade

There are those who prefer just one Hicap, or two, or a Supercap. I’m not aware of anyone ever saying that they didn’t prefer DR though. So I would suggest that you sell the Flatcap, get a Hicap DR, and take it from there.

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I had a HiCap DR for my 282 and thought about adding a second. I was patient and instead waited to acquire a secondhand SuperCap DR. Best decision ever. It is such a huge improvement.

I preferred a Supercap over a pair of Hicaps on the NAC282. But that was pre DR…

I definitely preferred the Supercap for piano.

@Dirkdiction I really liked what the 282/HC offered when it was in my system, detail focusi was using NDX and LP12 as source

when budget allows the SC takes the 282 on to a whole new level

enjoy the journey

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