Nac282 question

Hi All, I have just connected my new (pre-loved) nd5xs2 via bnc digital output to my ndac, which is in turn connected to the nac 282 (no other inputs). When I push the aux button on the nac the lights of the button and the volume knob light up for a second and then disappear. No sound. What Am I doing wrong? Your advice would be very much appreciated.

Have you enabled the ND’s digital output, and checked you’ve chosen the right input on the nDAC?

Yes, enabled digital output in settings of streamer and used one of the two bnc inputs on the dac

Try a different input on the 282.

Hi HH. I made a rather stupid mistake by leaving in the interconnect of the cd player I took out in the nac. The nac now shows the lights as normal, but still no sound

I’ve never used an nDac so it’s all a bit guesswork. Are you sure you’ve selected the correct dac input using the front buttons. Connect to input 1 and press button 1. You need the BNC from ND to nDac, and the Din interconnect from dac to 282.

I don’t know whether this helps… I have the same set up as you but I have the nDac connected to the CD input…

Thanks. I will go through all steps again and try other inputs on the dac and try the analogue connection of the player.

I also have the ND5 connected to the left hand BNC input connector of the nDac (when viewing from the rear)

It reads as though you already owned the dac and that the ND is new. Presumably the dac worked previously with whatever source you had. So the ND should slot right in, without changing connections between dac and 282. If it doesn’t work, check the ND works directly into the 282 using its Din analogue feed. At least you’ll then know it’s playing music.


Does this help?


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Ah, via din it works. Adding in the dac will then be a next step. Thanks a lot for responses.

That’s good. Now connect the dac using the same Din to Din. Just take it out of the ND and put it in the nDac. Leave it in the same socket on the 282. Connect the ND to Dac input 1 using the BNC lead, press input 1 on the dac, then enable the ND’s digital output. Does that work?

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Yes it works! Also Had to switch the input of the ndac via 7 of the remote to bnc. With a bit more patience I should have been able to figure this out myself. Thanks a lot HH and DG. This community is a wonderful thing.


Enjoy your music, Let us know what you think of the 282 when warmed up.

Excellent. Yes, 7 on the remote corresponds to dac input 1. Now you can enjoy it.

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Hi, while there is a thread on the nac 282, I would like to ask a question. I know the answer maybe in the manual but I can’t understand it. I wanted to change the cables between the supercap and 282 for chord shawline interconnects. Are they 4 pin din to 4 pin din or are they 5 pin din to 5 pin din. It would be a pain to pull out the equipment. Many thanks :+1:

Yes - aka Naim SNAIC’s.

Many thanks for your reply :+1:

NAC 82 owner = easy…!

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