NAC282 soundstage and other matters

Evening everyone. I upgraded my preamp to a 282 about 4 months ago, which was an ex demo model. I have no idea how much usage the unit had but it looked brand new out of the box. After nearly 4 months I am suddenly noticing the soundstage has started to widen. I am starting to experience sounds way out of the box left and right. I’m clearly not complaining but curious whether other 282 owners have experienced this after a few months. I suspect it had very light use at the dealers.

This does bode very well for my listening pleasure as I have just ordered a new NDX2 and a simrack to replace my now too small target stand which is also no longer of the quality required. As that bloke on the irritating TV ad says ‘exciting times!’


Yes, they do seem to get better with time. I also wonder if it’s our ears and brain that get more in tune with the equipment. =) Enjoy!

Mine certainly seems to be, I don’t think my brain gets better with time though regrettably lol!

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I noticed this quite markedly a few days ago, having been playing around with speaker placement. Since then I’ve had to move the speakers and it’s not as noticeable. Wish I’d marked the position, but that way domestic havoc lies.
Next time I’m writing down the measurements.

What has really surprised me with the 282 is how flippin’ great everything sounds, even stuff I thought I knew backwards - totally addicting. I’m playing records like there’s no tomorrow!

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Wait till you get a 252 and put a XPSDR on your NDX2. :slightly_smiling_face:


It is a fantastic piece of kit, as you say anything sounds good through it!

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A 252 will have to wait a while as I will obviously need a supercap as well. I do have an XPSDR already though. Looking forward to this. Anticipate arrival about mid October. New rack will be mid November and that should also make a difference. I think my plan of progression after this is as follows - 250dr, supercap, 252, then maybe a 555DR PSU. Quite a way to go but that doesnt mean I am not enjoying the music now. Thats the whole point after all!


I can say from direct experience that a NDX2/XPSDR on a 282/HiCap is an awesomely good source for amp and speakers.

I went from that with a 250DR to SuperCapDR, 252, and then 300DR, putting me where I am now (well, plus a SuperLine with Airplug a couple months ago). What a great journey. I’m done spending now. I have my retirement system and a plan to get there in 18 months.


Thanks for your input. The XPS certainly works well with my HDX, but the NDX2 is another matter in terms of sq and connectivity. The Hicap was a great buy and is extremely good vfm.

I think after this it will be another year or so before my next upgrade - unless an unmissable bargain crops up!!

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Yes my 282 has certainly opened up and become more dynamic. Mine was ex demo like yourself with only a few hours of use.
For me personally I wouldn’t be entertaining a 252. If I ever change from the 282, it would be to a 552. The 552 can be had on a well known auction site for not much more money.

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I’ve been thinking about a 552 as a final pre, and they seem to run out around 12-15k. Thats a big step up from the 252.

Good suggestion, thanks popeye. I had also considered missing the 250 and going straight for the 300, but might be venturing into mullet territory, also I do have a small room so uncertain whether a 300 would be a good fit. As many others have said system balance/synergy is a crucial factor.

Have you found powerlines making a significant difference on your (very nice) set up? To get the best out of the forthcoming NDX2 I am going for a hiline and my dealer has recommended the new English Electric switch.


Popeye has also suggested this as a way forward, bearing in mind a 252 needs a supercap, that may be a possibility but might take a little longer to acheive as its a lot of pennies!!

enjoy the 282 it is a lovey Pre amp, used mine with HCDR and then SC - boy if you want to see what the the 282 at it’s best add a SC or SCDR

252 is on another level again and my end Pre

Morning Antz and thanks! I think the 282 is the most significant black box upgrade I have made. The plan is to go for a 250 then SCDR when funds allow!

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I have seen a couple of older but recently serviced and DR’d go for 10k.

Me too. I tend to keep an eye on whats about - as you do!

282 will work with anything to be honest, used my with 200 (non DR) then 300 (non DR) and 300DR

I was staggered of the improvement on the 282 by the SC addition - my sources are NDX and LP12

Really useful to know it works well with a 300. Going straight for a 300 and jumping the 250 is something I would consider. A lot of people have said the SC is a game changer too.

Did you upgrade from the 202?