Nac282 with 2 x Mono Amps?

I have a Nac-282 which is around seven years old, and has not been used for a couple of years.

I have used the pre-amp with 2 x HiCaps running Nap-250s.

But I also have two Chord SPA-612 mono amps. These are very old, but have been completely refurbished by Chord at the factory.

I wonder what configuration would be best so as to drive these from the Nac-282 via two HiCaps?

Looking at my ‘Connections’ guide, it looks like this would ask the Nac-282 to feed 2 x PS + 2 x amps + NAPSC. Is this correct?

Or do I need a SuperCap?


You need to take the signals (to the power amps) from the No.1 HiCap, if you have 2 of them.

Follow the Naim instructions for 135’s.

Thanks Ian.

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None of my copies of the Naim Connections guide are old enough… :astonished:

Might be easiest to configure your 282 with just one HiCap as a trial… :thinking:

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So, just to be clear, the Nac-282 would not allow me to run 2xHiCaps from the 5-pin Dins AND 2xMonoAmps from the 4-pin Dins + Napsc?


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No, it would - BUT the signals need to come (AFAIK) from the No.1 HiCap - using 4 pin DIN leads to whatever plugs the Chords need.

The NAPSC has no effect, on this - but the 282 needs it to work.

You could run 282/NAPSC/HC/HC or just 282/NAPS/HC.
(with the No.2 HiCap socket with its Link plug)

(Without a Naim power amp with a Pre-amp supply, you have to have a HiCap.)

PS. I own an 82 and run 2 HC’s into a 250… :expressionless:

OK, I’ll try this and report.

Yes, the Nac-82 is a wonderful pre-amp with 2xHiCaps. It’s difficult at this distance in time to compare it with the Nac-282, since I went via some Nac-52 episodes before downsizing to a Nac-72, improved with various non-Naim boards, and then back to the current pre-amp.

I would say, though, that the rebuilt Chord monos are altogether in a different league for soundstage and detail, particularly on vinyl and analogue FM.


This may or maynot help.
I run a 282 with 2 hicaps. And i use a non maim power amp, fed via a din to RCAs cable. I could easily feed a pair of mono powers amps. Arguably I do, as my MF Nu Vista 300 power amp claim to be 2 monos in the same box.

What @IanRobertM says. The connection of HC1 connected to link1 of the 282 carries both power AND signal. HC2 connected to link2 of the 282 only power. So you need output 2 & 3 of HC1 connect to the 2 power amps. That’s how I had my 282 configured to my NAP300,which is basically also 2 mono amps in 1 box.
See also the Naim connection guide.

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Problem is that recent Connections Guide don’t seem to show whats needed.
Best I could find is for a 252 connecting to a 300, via a SuperCap (taken from Rev2C):

So change the 252 for the 282, the SC for a HC and the 300 for the OP’s monoblocks.
Ignore the 300PS.


Thanks to Roberto and Pete,

I can now set up my Chord amps, and will report back.

Can anyone explain how the two 4-pin Dins on the NAC-282 function in this scenario?

I’m not sure that the Chord mono amps require a preliminary Power Supply independently of the Mono Amps.


Here is the back of the 282. Where do you mean @Skyebridge ??

The HC’s go in Upgrade 1 and Upgrade 2. Ignore everything else.

Take the outputs for HC Upgrade 1.

Naim make, or at least made and presumably still can, a separate DIN to RCA lead for each channel, I have a pair that I used to use with my Rega power amp. Mine were ex demo from Audio T but I forget which branch, not Reading as I’d have remembered if it was my local.

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Just take the example of 282/2×HC/250. Now replace 250 by 300. You just need an extra connection from HC1 to the 300. You can pick any 2 of the 3 available outputs for that. And think of the 300 as 2×Chords. Or any 2 monoblocks.

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OK, all, thanks for your wonderful replies.

The Chords take XLR leads. I have a pair of R + L procured for use with Naim amps.


So no posts at all from Skyebridge for the next 48 hours or so now! Otherwise not enjoying the music enough.

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