Hi I currently have a Supernait 2 with hicap dr
NDX2 and CD5si CD and wondered would I benefit by buying a NAC 282 in line with my SN2 using the SN2 as an amp…? The plan then would be to buy a NAP250DR
I now play a lot of vinyl which is a REGA P8 with RB3000 and Alpheta 3
Please advise

From what I’ve seen on other threads it seems like many people consider this a great uplift. If possible it is always best to demo first but I don’t think anyone would think it a bad idea. Though some might suggest adding a power supply to your ndx2 first.


Definitely a viable idea! :grinning:

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Yes that’s what I hear but I am back to vinyl at the moment, happy with system without PSU. Thanks for your advise

if you type ‘NAC 282 and SN 2’ into the search function 50 + threads are available to review. Lots of discussion and information available.

I upgraded my SN 2 with a NAC 282. I moved the HiCapDR over from the SN 2 to the 282. I thought it was a fantastic upgrade! I would recommend demo at dealer and at home. Of course the dealer may only have a SN 3 but should still be able to demonstrate the upgrade in sound with the standalone preamp.

A short time later I did trade in my SN 2 for a 2 year old 250DR that was traded in at my dealer’s shop. Another very nice upgrade!

Good luck with your decision…


I went through this path in summer, than changed sn2 with 250dr in autumn. Defenetely adding nac 282 to the system brought biggest change: increase of soundstage, detail, materiality of the sound. Even volume increased as nac 282 has better gain than sn2 as pre.
The 250 brought more solid sound and better power.
If I had to choose among one of the 2, 282 or 250, 282 brought much bigger improve and for sure I would choose it


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