NAC32 + Hi-Cap DR?

Can anyone confirm if a HiCap DR will power a NAC32 pre-amp (i.e. 4-pin DIN output? The Naim webpage offers this tantalising clue: “A compact power supply partner for almost all of our preamplifiers.”

Slightly odd pairing, yes, but this could be a useful stopgap move for me en route to a NAC282.

An older pre '93 HICAP could do, so long as the single rail (DIN4) supply has not been removed during a service).

Otherwise, if using a later HICAP with just a dual-rail supply (DIN5) then you would need a custom 5-4 SNAIC. Naim have not made many of these so very rare secondhand. You could probably order a new one though, but it would likely be built to order. Note that only one of the power rails would be used with this.


By default I don’t think so as your 32 is a single rail.
All CB and early Olives will do so though unless the have been updated to remove the largely redundant single rail socket 3 IIRC.

There may be a ‘cable workaround’ though. Experts would be needed here :thinking:


Thanks for the info guys.

Slightly weird follow-up question: A NAC32 can obviously be powered directly from e.g. a NAP110.

In layman’s terms, why can’t a NAC32 receive power from a NAP110, while using its spare output to send a signal to a separate power amp e.g. NAP250?

It’s not recommended due to system earthing, however, I guess it’s theoretically a possibility with a NAC32.

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