Nac52 inheritance

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Recently I’ve inherited a nac52. Just wondering where does it stand in the current range. Also what do i do with the 2 boards that are labelled NA526/1?

I use the NAC52 in my main system. When Naim brought out the black box range in 2002, the replacement for the 52 was the 252. The 52 remains a really capable pre-amp, I certainly wouldn’t replace it with anything below a 252, I personally prefer it to the 282.
The daughter cards are described in this FAQ Naim NA3xx and NA5xx Pre-amplifier daughter boards

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No more to add … as it’s what I use in my main system too.

Thanks for your reply! I see so they are called “daughter boards” also i see a phono input. Is there a Phono in this pre-amp?

Commiserations on the circumstances but congratulations on becoming the owner of a NAC52.

The NAC52’s natural successor in the current range is the NAC252, so is a long way up the current range. If it hasn’t been serviced in the last 10 years, then I would recommend that you ask for it to be done. This is especially important for its power supply which will either be a 52PS or a Supercap.

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The NAC52 is a superb pre-amp and the forerunner to the current NAC252 - you’d arguably need to go to a NAC552 or Statement S1 pre-amp to do appreciably better.

Only questions are; how old is it? - check the serial number for that; what is the power supply that comes with it? - early units had the 52PS, later ones, the Supercap; do you know the history? When last serviced? - something well worth doing if over 10 years since last done.

There are optional phono boards for the 52, I’ve copied the details from the FAQ below. I personally use a dedicated phono stage and the line-level boards on my phono input, the dealers who specialise in the older Naim gear might be able to source phono boards for you. They also show on second-hand sites and auction sites, personally I’d use the specialists.

NA522 - MM cartridge input x 2
NA523S - Low Output MC Cartridge input (standard) x 2
NA523K - Low Output MC Cartridge input (for higher spec carts) x 2
NA523E - Medium Output MC Cartridge input (also seen as 323R) x 2

Early NAC52s had a number of daughter boards for various inputs. Later units reduced this down to a couple of sets. The phono input will be down to what daughter boards correspond inside (maybe none, if they were removed). There’s a also a powered DIN input for adding an off board Naim phono stage such as a Prefix or Superline, either of which is a good upgrade over the internal phono boards (particularly the Superline, which is uo there with the very best regardless of price).

Thank you for your kind words. Can’t wait to see what the others know about the Nac52. I’m learning as i go along too

This is very helpful Eoink. Now i have something to search for

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Thanks! Will be researching on that too. So i guess the powered DIN are just like the current ones.

Yes, and a dedicated feed with dedicated windings on the NAC52.

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