NAC52 inputs and Superlumina IC

Guys tried different ways, the easiest to sort out and it works perfectly is 28mm copper pipe, the top fitting is the problem as it sticks down below the mdf shelf, the copper pipe fits over this snuggly and is big enough to provide enough of a sandwich to secure the shelf.
Apart from the smaller front leg used on the back, this is the second best way i have found to get over the problem

What interested me was the wall thickness. I needed to do a repair job on a wardrobe folding door which being MDF had been “softened” by liberal doses of cat pee right at the bottom Pivot Point! I was able to get a small piece of tubing with thick walls for a couple of quid from AMZ, which I could then fix in place with two-part wood filler. The pivot spindle together with its nylon (tapped) sleeve was about was a few quid, also from Amazon, I bonded the sleeve into the Al tube and that was it.

And it appears to have worked. Door & pivot are solid, nicely smoothed off courtesy of DeWalt and looking good following a few coats of Farrow & Balls’ finest!

Total cost was around twenty quid…as opposed to several hundred for a complete new set of double doors! (therefore more spare dosh to spend on hifi :slight_smile: )

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