NAC52 & NAC52PS, A way forward?

I bought my 52/52PS on eBay about 7yrs ago. It was a very early one and had no service history. After unpacking I took it straight to Darran at Class A. Since then I’ve never looked back. It sounds amazing and I doubt I will ever change it. The facia plates have “aged” to a fetching purple colour but that’s the only cosmetic issue I have.

However, listen to Richard. The 52 was updated by Naim and a later one with revised mother board powered by a Supercap might be more to your taste. And comes with a better remote. POTS8 is mandatory whichever model you get.

I actually have a Supercap powering my Prefix. I have had no urge whatsoever to try it on the 52 so if you get a early one for a good price from a reputable source, just make sure it’s been serviced and upgraded to POTS8 (or get it done by Darran). I’m sure you will be happy with it.

If you do get the early remote and have problems with it, I can probably help out with programming a one-for-all for you.

Note: just realised you are in Sweden. (I should have guessed :blush:) So Darran may not be an option but you local distributor should be able to help with servicing I would hope.


Why not?

Many people would be interested in the result

What if it actually sounds better? :flushed:. Buy another SC? What about the 52PS, how would I find a home for it? I can feel the stress building. Time for another cup of coffee.

Probably because there’s enough on here and previous iterations of the forum to make it clear that the Supercap is pretty well universally viewed as the better option.

(says someone who did try just that in the past!)


Use it to power your Prefix! :disguised_face:

But the 52PS was more enjoyable surely? :wink:

But I’d have to get my soldering iron out and make unauthorised mods to it. And if I spoke about it here would get a slapped wrist. Better to just enjoy the music in blissful ignorance don’t you think? :wink:

Ones you have a Supercap on the Prefix,it´s no fun to remove it.
A original 52 PS can´t power a Prefix.
I prefer Supercap vs 52 PS on a Nac 52,sounding more dynamic ,agile and cleaner.


I’ve had items sent direct to Class A from the seller and have picked up once serviced. Darran may be happy to send it on to Sweden. It’s worth checking with him and arranging first ofcourse.

The 52 is a great amp. I’ve had mine a few years now. Ive pretty much changed all the units around it, but am not in any hurry to change the 52. As others have said its a very special amp.

Officially no, it can’t. However, some of us at the factory had old defunct 52PS units converted into the equivalent of a Super-Hicap to power a Prefix. Performance was a big step up over a Hicap and not too far off a Supercap.


I am another huge fan of 52/SC, even with a more modern 300DR. I asked about getting a POTS8 upgrade and was told that my serial number has POTS7 and that there would be no benefit to POTS8.

As Richard D suggested above, it is the very early 52s (or one that was last serviced 20+ years ago) that would make me wary.

I would take a straight swap for a 552 if offered, but I wouldn’t swap to a 252 on SQ grounds. Others here may disagree. However, the fact that a 52 at least competes with a 252, despite its age, may give you a strong steer on just how good many of us here think it is.


Actually I am not sure I have ever enjoyed music more than I did with my first 52 - a Pots 8 modded 52PS model! Lots of good things to be said for the early 52s in my opinion.


I know. It was a bad attempt at humour.

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I have had Nac 52 for several years and traded for a SC DR. It was a subtle improvement over the original serviced SC. Plays nicely with active Nap 250s, 362 and NBLs. I have never auditioned Nac 552 but Nac 252 was comparable to Nac 52 to my ears but not significantly better imo.

I haven’t heard many reports of people doing this.

Do you know whether the consensus view of people who have compared 52/SC2 to 52/SCDR is that the latter is better?

Fascinating, cheers

I have gotten some more info and apparently these are early products, S/N 72020 & 74819 and never updated/serviced. Seems wise to refrain given all the circumstances, thanks everyone for the helpful replies.

Best regards, Björn


Sadly, given your location @Bjorn , I think thats the correct decision.

Unless you could negotiate a price which might cover a round trip back to the UK, for this NAC52 & 52PS, to get the updates and servicing done…?


If I was buying a 52 / 52 PS …again …because I had one ,serviced pots 8 ,I would definitely hear it before purchasing.
As said mine was serviced from a dealer ,but it never sounded that special . Moving from a serviced 82 I was well disappointed …and I should have not been . It should have been a wow moment . So buyer beware as always .
I moved to a 282 and am very happy …for now …332 in 2024 …

Can I add , I opened up that 52 PS and was wow that’s impressive …stacked full to brim , 4 15000pf felsic caps wow this must be better than the poor old Supercap , well it’s only got 2 15000pf caps … it’s these opinions that lead us down rabbit holes .

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Yes, since some updates are no longer available, it is best to refrain I think and instead look out for the successors, 252 & Supercap DR.

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