Nac52 not working!

I have recently acquired a 52/supercap but on connecting just the burndy lead to try the thing was working ie ‘lighting up’ the supercap does [I did notice a drop in an adjacent lamp] but no lights on the 52, I don’t have another supercap to see which is at fault s/cap or 52 or burndy, am I missing something ??

If it is like the 252 I think you need another SNAIC between the SCap and the 52 - maybe check the current connection guide.

Correct, you need two leads to make the 52 work. Make sure you do not power up the supercap until each lead is fully connected and the collars are locked otherwise you risk damaging the pre-amp.

Naim 52 connections

The SNAIC provides power for the logic controls, so without it the pre-amp will appear to be dead - i.e. no lights, or controls.

thanks for all the info, I was confused as the 52 socket is marked ‘digital’ !!

I have a secondary question, I am sure I saw a link to ancient manuals/connexions etc., but I cannot find it I would like to know all the necessary connecting figurations for the nac52/supercap/snaxo etc.

Class A have pdfs of old Naim manuals. Here’s the one for the NAC52;

And the SNAXO manual is on the Naim website.

@Richard.Dane I was going to reply saying to Google for Class A Sheffield and look at the downloads section, is it OK for me to link directly to Darran’s site for the manuals?

thank you very much, sorted…

Yes, I think a direct link to the Naim manuals on Darran’s site is fine.

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