NAC52 Supercap to Snaxo24 connection


I’ve finally got myself a nice NAC52/Supercap which is running into a chrome nap250 snd a pair of SBLs. Sounds lovely.

I’ve got a second Chrome250 coming from Class-A nicely checked over.

I am planning to go active and have an olive HiCap/Snaxo 24 waiting for the 250 to be returned.

However, neither manual fior the 52, nor for the Snaxo make it clear how to connect it all up.

Could someone please help me out with a connection guide?


You just need the right manual:)


Massively helpful! Thanks ever so much!

Which manual is this from please? I’d really like to get hold of ideally an original, but failing that, a PDF of it.

Cheers, Anil.

I’ve uploaded it to wetransfer for you.

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It’s the Owners Manual, Connection Guide from August 2001. A handy little gem of a book. It’s a real shame that Naim don’t make things like this anymore.


I must try to get a copy of that. My existing manuals just don’t have that info.

Many thanks, Anil.

I have the same system but changed to a supercap to power the snaxo I suggest you do likewise. also rewire the outputs of the snaxo 2-4 to make it a snaxo 2-4-2 much, much better…

Re-wiring a SNAXO 2-4 don’t make it a SNAXO 242, it just allows you to use the same amp layout (each stereo amp doing either HF or LF for both speakers). My main issue with re-wiring this way is that, unless there are scrupulous notes and re-labelling, once the old SNAXO is sold on it can create havoc and potential catastrophe for the poor hapless new owner who tried to wire it up the way it left the factory originally.



I’ve read that the SNAXO24 is quite a heavy load for a HiCap, so as funds allow, I’ll move that way.

I’m inclined though, just to buy a snsxo242 should I decide to go that way.


I mean, to replace HiCap Snaxo with Supercap

Hi Robert, sorry but I followed the link and was not able to download the PDF. it said there’s no file to download. Any chance you could pop it up again please?

Cheers, Anil.

I think it stays there for 1 week only before being purged.

Most (if not all) Naim manuals can be found on the internet by judicious use of Goggle. :smiley:

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I found that replacing a Hicap with a Supercap on the SNAXO was well worthwhile.
(context: 82+SC → SNAXO → 250 x2 → SBLs)
As ever, YMMV

In which case this is what I noted down for my SNAXO (Olive version only!!! The newer Classic range splits it differently such that one 250 powers the tweeters and one 250 powers the mid/bass). The bars on the cables are the little direction market wrap arounds. And a possible tip to avoid embarrassing mixups is before first power up to disconnect the treble cables at the speakers, then power everything up and have a listen just to make sure you’ve got the mid/bass properly connected. Then turn it all off, hook up your tweeters, power up and enjoy.

Got it: what an amazing manual: exactly what I needed!!

Really appreciate it. Thank you.


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