Nac52 volume control

anyone any ideas of what might be wrong with my 52, noticed light on volume knob had faded badly so pulled off knob, checked what required and was advised that probably the cable had deteriorated inside, decided it wasn’t my ability to replace and put back knob, on restarting there was a loud hum thru the left hand speaker which reduced in volume after a minute but remained at a low level. suspecting the nap250 i sent it off for inspection but have been informed it’s ok any idea’s ? rest of system is nac52/supercap, snaxo 2-4/supercap and 2 x nap 250 wired for 1 amp hf & the other for base

I’m surprised nobody had replied to your question. All I can think is check you plugs, particularly from your super cap to the 250’s then do the rest of the system. One of my 135 xlr plugs became slightly oxidised and a hum start in that channel. It just maybe a nasty coincidence that this may of happened to you. Anyway I hope that helps you to place a piece in the puzzle.

thanks I have managed to find the problem, it was the socket from the nap250 to the snaxo ! regards

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