Nac62 nap140 Chrome Bumper

I have a nac 62 and nap140, I would like to know the correct wiring to connect a Hicap to the 62/140. Thank you in advance for your help

Hi. Looking at the back the furthest RH socket goes to the 62. The one to the left of that to the 140. There should be a SNAIC (5pin to 5pin) with the HiCap. Use that. Use your existing SNAIC out of the HiCap to the 140.

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The 62 has a link plug that needs to be removed, also the furthest to the right I think labelled ‘Output to HiCap Socket 4’. The link plug needs to be removed and a SNAIC 5 runs from this socket to the HiCap Socket 4.

The existing SNAIC 4 (that you unplugged from the 62) needs to be connected to the HiCap Socket 3 (at least I think it’s 3)- one of the outputs that doesn’t have +24V on a pin (depends on the vintage of HiCap I think, early ones may have had a single output with +24v on one of the 4 pin sockets).

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Thank you both for your help Hicap arrived and now connected up.

About to stick a hicap on my 72/140 combo …so your thoughts on improvement would be appropriated Linton

A Hicap on my 32-5 had me looking for a subwoofer that I didn’t have :smiley:

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What a great way of putting it!

I’m in for a treat soon then …


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