NAC72 K cards or a S stageline

I have a nac 72 with K cards and hicap, Linn LP12 with Karma cartridge. Would a Stageline S be better than the cards or a new cartridge. If a new cartridge which one would be appropriate. I have about £600 to spend.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Stageline is not better than the cards, would not make that move. If you swap to a cart that needs S loading, I’d look for S cards instead.

Also, if you’re using a Karma, I just can’t imagine how you wouldn’t benefit from a mew cartridge.

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Stageline K (K for Karma) is specially designed for this very cartridge.

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I doubt 600 quid would buy you any clear upgrade from what you have - I’d spend it on records personally…


If you fancy a new cartridge,then I would recommend the Hana SL for 600. Should work fine as loading required is very similar to the Karma.

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The Karma is a nice cartridge. Maybe consider getting this rebuilt and re-use over…
What tonearm are you using on your LP12 ?

Having tried those phono stage options - StageLine as well as NA323K internal boards for NAC72 - I would say not much in it really. (To my ears, in my system). I preferred to use internal cards. Plus offers the advantage of being one box less.

How old are your K cards?
Might be worth a service, which is quick and easy, maybe £25-30 spend. Speak to Darren at Class A, Sheffield. Likewise, consider a service for the 72+HC+180, if not done for 10-12 years.

Rega Aria is a slightly better (more open and detailed) phono stage. You might be able to pick up a pre-loved mkII for around £600.

One idea is to get yourself an old Troika. Maybe spend £100-150 on a disused Troika, then send this off to Goldring for their rebuild service. They come back good as new (almost). Allow maybe another £400+ for this service, plus shipping back and forth. That’s your £600 budget. Just an idea.

Hope that all helps.
Good luck with your H-Fi journey.



Here is my NA323 K cards, post service …

Just 4 components swopped out on each card.
Think it took 30mins and Darren was kind enough to do this while I waited. ( Went in the record shop downstairs and bought 3 new albums. LOL :joy: )


Try to find a Prefix to suit the Karma, will also need a power supply such as a hicap, but this is good bang for buck LP12 phono.


That’s also a great idea and keeps it all original to Olive period :+1:


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