NAC72 Phono board quality

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If the phono boards in NAC72 are of the later type and are well serviced, do they offer the same level of SQ than the cheaper/midrange seperate phono stages?

I run Rega P6 with Exact 2 at the mo, but am in the process of upgrading the amp to a 72/140 combo, and Ive run out of space for a seperate phono stage.

Im also looking at going mc via an Ania in the not to distant future.

Any experiences of using the 72 phono stage would be very much appreciated.


Too many variables Clive.

Listen and if you like the boards ditch the phono stage. I used to have Rega Fono with my RP6 but found the boards in the newly acquired 32.5 more than up to the job but you need to decide for yourself.

Sorry but it was always going to be that way.

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That is exactly the info I was after. Many thanks


If using a MM then the boards will do fine. Imo, changing to a MC would ideally include a new phono pre. Don’t underestimate the importance of a good phono pre …Many reasonably priced phono stages in the market now that surpass the performance of the Naim phono boards.

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Interesting. And bad news for me.

I’d agree
The on board phono is not going to be better than a stageline …and to be honest …I don’t rate the stageline in the slightest

I have a Rega aria phono …(with my P8/apheta2) and it is in another league to a stageline/hicapdr …and at much less money

Unless you can run to a superline (which I do rate VERY highly…forget Naim for this


Sad state of affairs for Naim analog enthusiasts… The Stageline’s are antiques and the Superline is well on 13 years old without an update…This is a growing market and just including a Phono button on the new Naits doesn’t count for much in my book. Ho hum…


Different people have different view about the Stageline? I personally would not underestimate it, I think it is very much engaging, it may be the issue of cartridge mismatch if you feel it is underwhelmed.


Just my humble opinion of course…

Dull , lifeless, and uninspiring…

Must be the cartridge…all of them


Ok. So the consensus is that the rega stages sre going to to better than a serviced onboard naim plug in board for the 72.
Should I give up on my plan for a 72/HC/250 with the naim plug in boards in the 72, and go with a 72/140 and a rega ania with rega fono stage. Space dictates I cant get the extra box in so its one or the other as far as I can see.

Many thanks for the contributions


I’m not so sure about that. Fresh boards (i.e. not ancient unserviced ones) can sound very good indeed, especially when you’re powering from a Hicap. Back in the day, Naim were not renowned for the very high quality of their phono stages in their pre-amps for nothing. So don’t dismiss out of hand until you’ve tried.

However, a Rega cart should be an automatically great match with a Rega Phono stage, I would have thought.


So careful matching of the output of the Ania to the board type could swing it Richard?..

I have the mm board in my 72. They are absolutely OK for me - but I have only a Project Debut turntable. One of the aspects I like about the internal boards it that it saves a power lead and a box. I’m not too focussed on having a minimum of boxes, but the phono stages tend to be plasticky small boxes, disharmoniously looking with solid Naim boxes with cheap power cables and that is what I don’t like.

The internal boards are simply a neat solution.


I haven’t tried an Ania with Naim phono boards, but I would imagine that NA323 S or K would be worth a try. The trouble is, of course, that even the final issue (NA323/5) boards will likely be in need of servicing by now for best performance.

Yes any phono boards plus the 72 will be serviced to optimise.

Food for thought

Many thanks

Plus, if a DR’s hicap is used to power the pre-amp, this will significantly improve the performance of the onboard phono cards.

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Ooohh…didn’t know that. I guess getting the HC serviced too would be a good idea!

Many thanks


The 72 I recently picked up has one 323/5 K phono board installed for MC cartridges.
In the manual, the NA 323K states it was designed for the Linn Karma and Troika, sensitivity 100 uV, Impedance 560 ohm.

Both cartridges are long out of production (though I know they can sent off to be be re-tipped or rebuilt).

I am new to Vinyl and would like to explore the analogues facilities available on the 72.

Could someone kindly recommend a Rega or any other cartridge (reasonably priced) that would closely meet specs of the Karma and Troika, and perhaps a tonearm and table? I would like to keep my set up simple and avoid buying a phonostage if I can. I also understand the 323/5 K phono board would need service for things to sound their bestl

Why not get the deck and cartridge you want and get the board adapted to the deck? You seem to be putting the cart before the horse or am I missing something?