NAC82/ NAP200 - HiCap or don’t bother?

Hi all,

I tried to search the forum for an answere, but it seems that the discussions focuses on «two HiCaps better than one?» and «SC even better than two HiCaps?». So I would love to hear your experiences regarding «HiCap or not?» in my setup:

Pro-Ject 1Xpression w/ Ortofon 2M Black
Linn Majik DS
Dynaudio Focus 160

Hi-fi budget atm is one HiCap or nothing, and I have one at hand for what i would concider to be a decent price.

Thanks in advance!



HiCap - every time.

I have not run a Naim Preamp without a HiCap since the mid 1980’s…!!!

Just my view - others will likely disagree… because they can.


The 200 powers an 82 adequately, and a 200DR better, but a Hicap is certainly better still, and a HicapDR is better again. I don’t think you will regret it.
Do remember that an old Hicap may be in need of a service, and either budget for that or buy one with a known history.


It may be a decent price, but has it been serviced?

Not sure about the service costs on this item - also would you want it upgraded to DR status ?

I am sure you will get masses of conflicting advice

PS It sounds like a nice set up .


Agreed. Service interval is 8 to 10 years.

Probably forget conversion to DR - likely to prove rather expensive… Better to buy a DR version.

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An Olive Hicap would go nicely with an 82 :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks! Is there anything that should keep me from buying a black box non DR? In case I buy it will be from a reliable source.

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As Chris puts so well above, you’ll definitely not be wasting your NAC82 even if powering just from a NAP200. Better still from a NAP200DR, and better again from a HICAP etc… However, remember that none of the can disguise or help an inadequate source; in fact they will only expose it all the more, so you must factor that into the equation and maybe consider putting the budget towards a front end upgrade.


Other than its service history, no. Non DR is not a problem…!!!

Black units have a 10 to 15 year service interval…

7 String…?? I have one…

I just asked the seller about serviced or not. If it is I will use it as is, maten upgrade to DR over time.

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Not many on the market though… But I do agree!

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And who serviced it… Ideal Naim, or Class A, in the UK.

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Thats because we are hoarding them… I have two…

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Haha. I bet you do! Sell me one so I can close this topic :wink:

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7string. Old nickname After using a BC Rich Warlock back in the day :metal:

Nope. I use 2 of them…!!!

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I recently got a Schecter Omen 7…

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The DR upgrade is very expensive. Almost certainly more cost effective to sell it and buy a DR version.


I see. I have not used any PSU kn this setup up till now, and I guess any HiCap will be a decent step up.